Many small to medium-sized businesses wonder how they can leverage the power of online marketing to bring in more website traffic, generate leads and grow their businesses. While there are a number of options available, trying to implement every suggestion you come across can be nearly impossible.

Digital marketing still continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach online customers and followers. Following a thoughtful digital marketing strategy is key to helping businesses – small and large – grow their bottom line. It is more crucial than ever to cultivate an online presence to engage with today’s consumers.

What does this mean for you and your business? To put it simply, creating and promoting content that appears in search results has never been more important.

Quite honestly, not every marketing tactic will be effective for every type of business. But here are five digital marketing strategies to grow your business.


  1. Establish a strong social media presence.

You probably already know how big of a deal having a presence on social media is. It cannot be ignored as a key marketing tool. Many businesses have successfully been able to grow their customer base solely through Facebook and other social networks.

Social Media also gives you access to valuable customer feedback and opens a direct line of communication with your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more offer the chance to exchange messages directly with customers and other businesses.

Many of the clients we work with ask about the best social media platforms for their businesses, how often to post, what to post, and how they can gain more followers and ultimately more customers.

One way to boost visibility and get more value from social media is to leverage influencers. It takes time and effort to build a dedicated audience. If you are just starting out, using influencers is a quick way to increase your number of followers Effectively leveraging micro-influencers is a targeted way to reach your ideal customers faster.

  1.  Set Up a Blog and Update It Frequently

A blog is a perfect way to engage and nurture your online following. Your blog is the best place to share content related to your products, business, and industry.

Blogs have also been heavily utilized by many companies in recent years due to the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits they provide as well as the informational benefits for visitors. A blog can be a great equalizer for small businesses trying to compete with larger, more well-funded competitors, helping them show up much higher in search results for a variety of topics that they would have been able to otherwise.

Having an excellent blog will not only entice potential customers, but it will also build your brand and reputation. Provide readers with valuable content, and they’ll return again and again.

It’s important to note that having a blog consists of much more than simply posting content. Be sure to nail down a promotional strategy across your social media networks for each blog post.

  1. Leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization.

You can take all the time and resources in the world to maintain a functional and polished website, but without a strong SEO strategy, potential customers may never see it. Optimizing your content will ensure your website becomes one of the first search results on Google and beyond.

Some people mistakenly think SEO is time-consuming, too technical, or not worth the effort. But SEO is one of the most effective long-term strategies for generating highly-targeted traffic.

There are several components to optimization, which include performing keyword research, updating website metadata, reviewing and updating website written content (keywords, headings, etc.), optimizing image tags, and more.

While it is critical to understand how Google algorithms work, pay more attention to creating unique, insightful, and engaging content for humans that includes a few of the basic SEO principles. Start by researching the most highly-searched keywords in your industry and write several in-depth blog posts that add value to these topics.

  1. Create a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a free download, ebook, PDF or other types of incentive that allows you to capture your reader’s email address and/or contact information. This incentive is free and should provide value to your potential customers right away. The more valuable it is to them, the more likely they are to give you their information.

When you offer a lead magnet targeted to your ideal customer or clientele, success is inevitable. The best strategy to build great lead magnets is to identify your target customers’ pain points and provide a simple and appropriate solution. Use your offer as a way to obtain more information about your target customers while channeling them into your marketing funnel.

The basis of a lead magnet is the exchange of information. Before potential buyers download a white paper, ebook, video, checklist, or cheat sheet, be sure to get their contact information.

  1. Leverage Email Marketing

Emails can help you stay in touch with potential and current customers who are interested in your products and services. As your list grows, you can segment your lists for even more personalized, targeted messages to your recipients based on their specific interests. There are many email marketing services, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, that can make this process easy.

One of the most important elements of an effective sales funnel is email marketing.

You can use your list to deepen your relationship with customers. Send them content from the heart that will connect in an authentic way.

Effective digital marketing is key to growing your business. Executing the above strategies will undoubtedly help you achieve this goal. Remember that digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll soon see your sales improve, and your customers will interact more with you and your products.

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