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Effective Ways To Create A Sales Funnel To Sell Your Training

After the successful Sales funnel workshop held early this year, we decided to put up a post to let you know all we have put in to make the training success and also share the lesson learned from the training held.

It all started from the initial planning and by the WSI team.

We set up both an offline and online marketing strategy that we would use to attract participants for the training.

We knew we had to create a funnel that would drive every prospect down to conversion and then we got to work to create a sketch of the funnel flow.

After we had mapped out and selected the right strategy to work with we moved to the implementation stage.

We started with designing three custom landing pages that would help us achieve our goal

2 landing pages for the event registration ( Definitely we had to do an AB test with two landing pages)

1 for the quiz and another which contained the lead magnet.

We designed our landing page for the event on Leadpages in of our WSI website because we didn’t want to drive the traffic to our website yet and the quiz was hosted on tryinteract

We made sure the landing pages had every characteristic that would lead to conversion

We had a:

  1. Effective Headline
  2. Simple and Clean Design
  3. Focus on the Customer Viewpoint
  4. Clear Call to Action

Recently you would also realize that using a quiz in your marketing will give you an edge. You can read up this blog post to see more reason you should add a quiz to your marketing.  >> The Power of the Quiz in Marketing

The next thing in line was to drive traffic to the landing pages. We had to create an ad strategy and channel it down till when everyone who engaged made payment for the training.

This was the flow

                           AD >>> QUIZ >>> LEAD MAGNET >>> REGISTRATION PAGE >>>> EMAIL

We ran ads both on Google, Facebook, and Instagram and also had to craft compelling ad copies that will make people clicking and calling.

See what we did:

lessons learnt from sales funnel workshop




People started engaging and answering the quiz but they were dropping off. We needed another strategy that would hold them on to the system and convert.

Now we had a lot of data and we had to take up more strategies to bring conversion.

Next in line was to start retargeting both on facebook and google and started showing up on the face of our audience on every channel.

Yes. That’s what retargeting does, this increased our conversion and people started to pay for the training.

We had filled up 20 seats for the training and that was our goal.

So YES!!! It was a success… Fast forward to the day of the training

We had Caroline Wabara our digital marketing executive deliver the lecture.

Wabara, who has a genuine passion for teaching, kept the learners focused all through the four-hour seminar with her fun, energetic style.

It was an interactive session which gave room for questions and answers as well as group discussions.

Participants, including marketers, advertising professionals, human resources managers, and entrepreneurs had a fun-filled day.


10 lessons learned from selling an event or training

  1. Start with market research to get your target audience and find where they are.
  2. Create your marketing strategy and sales funnel
  3. Get tools to ease the marketing process
  4. Craft compelling sales copy
  5. The GOAL IS CONVERSION have that in mind at every point
  6. Create a customer audiences from people who engaged with your website and retarget them with Google Adwords & Facebook Ads.
  7. Give yourself and your team a monthly & weekly sales target and monitor traffic, leads and sales report.
  8. Test every strategy.
  9. When your team hits the sales target, SMILE, but if you don’t try a new strategy.
  10. Find out what made you WIN and REPEAT The process.


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