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Social Media Analytics: Six Tools That Will Automate Your Business

Social Media Analytics: Six Tools That Will Automate Your Business

To understand your social media presence in Nigeria for growth of your audience, it’s important that you have the best tools around you to ensure a full understanding of your Nigerian audience.

Here are some of the tools:

Facebook Insights

It’s not just insights on your own page Facebook offers it’s social media intelligence on competitors’ pages as well. Yes, you can see how many people saw your posts, and what (limited) actions they took on your page. You can see gender and location demographics on your page’s followers. But the most useful metric just might be the Pages to Watch area, which lets you see what posts are succeeding for your competitors. After all, if it’s working for them…

Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s built-in analytics tell you a lot about which tweets are succeeding and to what degree even if they don’t tell you why. The audience metrics break your audience into percentages based on interests, occupation, gender, household income, and net worth.

Popular recurring hashtags are also highlighted, arming you with the means to be on trend with your posts. Missing is the ability to target individual audience segments with messaging just for them. But you at least have an idea of where to aim to please the majority of your audience.


Pinterest Analytics

You need a business account to use Pinterest’s analytics, but you can convert a personal account for free to see what users love about your Pinterest profile and what visitors like to save from your company’s website. New audience metrics let you see what your followers are into, and who else they follow so you have a better idea what to pin. And knowing what your audience wants is half the battle.

Instagram Insights

The photo-sharing giant’s analytics platform has yet to be revealed, but their new “Insights” feature is in process, according to TechCrunch. Follower analytics will offer demographic info like location, age and gender. You’ll also be able to track new followers hourly and daily, which can “better help pinpoint which posts worked to convert users to followers, or which posts may have spread virally.”

YouTube Analytics

Speaking of viral, video is one of the most engaging types of social content out there, so understanding what works and what doesn’t is crucial. YouTube’s analytics show you where traffic is coming from, but also has filters so you can see if videos are more popular in a specific region, or over a specific data range.

Earnings reports show you which ad formats drive revenue, while audience retention graphs illustrate which specific elements of your videos are working or not. When viewers rewind/rewatch a video they love, or fast-forward or abandon one they don’t, you’ll know. Remember to pay close attention to analytics for the first 15 seconds of your videos as that’s when viewers are most likely to drop off.

 Google Analytics

There’s arguably no better tool businesses and small businesses especially can apply for insights on how their website connects to and engages online consumers. Far more than number of visitors or page views, Google Analytics offers the ability to test web design features to understand what inspires conversions.

Their audience reporting tool lets you understand your audience at the demographic, interests, geography, industry benchmarks, and device level so you can better target your marketing efforts


Scheduling posts is Buffer’s primary function, but that’s hardly its only merit. Though the free version only allows for scheduling of posts to a single platform, it’s worth the free trial of the Awesome Plan (for starters) to give Buffer’s social analytics a look. Users can see how their posts performed over a single day, week, month, or 3-month period.

Also on offer, a breakdown of which posts were most and least popular, got the most clicks, mentions, and retweets, etc. Buffer just added Instagram to the list of social networks users can schedule to and analyze, making it that much more valuable to any business using a combination of up to five of the top social networks to reach their audience. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and now Instagram are all supported on the Awesome Plan.


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