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Online competition: Why Competition Is A Good Thing


If you’re a business owner, or an employee who cares about your organization, you probably fret about “the other guys” a lot. There’s such fierce and constantly evolving online competition in business, it’s a wonder any of us are able to sleep with all the worrying we need to do.

But maybe we’re looking at online competition the wrong way.

Online competition

We’re all consumers, right? And as consumers, we expect great products and exceptional customer service from our favorite businesses. We want new and better phones every couple of months. We hope the next restaurant we eat at has the best food we’ve ever tasted.

We believe our latest pair of shoes should be more comfortable and last longer than our old ones. And let’s be honest, when something goes wrong, we expect businesses to go above and beyond to make things right.

online competition

If anything, it’s consumers who drive this intense online competition – businesses are simply reacting and trying to keep up with our demands.

When you switch back to the business perspective, it becomes obvious: online competition is a good thing. It forces you to deliver more for the client or consumer, and keeps you diligent in providing the experiences you promise.

Online competition

Rather than losing sleep, you should look at online competition as a way to continually improve and expand on your businesses. As long as you keep that fire to do better burning strong, there won’t be time to worry.

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