Whenever patients look out for dental health information, they start with search engines. it is confirmed that 26% conducts searches for more information,38%  begins the search process,39% visits the advertised website on the search engine and 36%, considers the advertised treatment center.

Your practice may offer exceptional medical care delivered by dental health care professionals with a wide variety of knowledge and unparalleled bedside manner, but if people don’t know of your existence or your reputation it will be difficult to leverage  those strengths into an effective digital marketing campaign that attract new patients.

Today as more people use the web to research and purchase goods and services, a dental practice without an online presence is virtually invisible to a prospective patient at home. A patient can now simply open their laptop to find a practice within seconds. The world now runs on connected mobile devices and computers supported by search engines.

A website coupled with a mobile site, search engine optimization and social media allows your dental practice to thrive while allowing your  staff  to do what you do best  to care for your patients.

Like most dentists, I know how crucial a website is to the success of a practice. But today you have to think beyond a website, with a strategy that includes having a mobile-friendly site and a robust social media presence.

Here are reasons why you need to embrace Digital Marketing for your dental practice.

1.Digital marketing  gets you ahead of your competitors.

With the success of online businesses in the country today, more companies are starting to realize the power of digital marketing,and that is why it is very important for your dental practice to embrace it too.Now, many companies are starting to invest in SEO, Google Adwords, and social media campaigns.

It is also the reason why the market gets increasingly competitive, and big businesses are getting ahead of small firms. If you want  your dental practice to be ahead of its  game, then it would be prudent for you to start recognizing the opportunities digital marketing can bring to your dental practice.

2. Digital Marketing Expands your Market:

Through the internet, it makes it possible for dentist  to reach a broad range of people, that are interested in your services.

It will connect you  with people on the other side of the globe that are interested in your products and services. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin ads all feature geo-targeting, which allows you to promote ads based on a user’s location,you can select the people to view your ads based on your preffered target audience.

3.  It helps you track Results:

Several online tools can help you analyze your practice marketing campaign and  also help you determine if it is working or not.

Such data is hard to gather from the offline marketing.,A digital campaign  for your dental practice will allow you to measure the success of your campaigns  in real time, and  will also help your dental practice to  lay out plans and strategies  by giving you some insights about the statistics the outcome will provide.

4.  It generates better  Revenue for Dental Practice:

Effective digital marketing techniques for your dental practice will generate better ROI and income. According to Google, companies who have invested in digital marketing campaigns gained a growth of 2.8 times in their earnings. Thus,dentist should  see the internet as the rocket fuel that could propel their practice  to success.

5. Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective:

Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing. In fact, some platforms   like social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you build your  practice brand for free. An email campaign can send messages or announce promotions for less, versus creating a TV or newspaper ad, and  a digital campaign can reach your patients more  faster.

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