Your Website and Bedroom are more similar than you think

10 May
Your Website and Bedroom are more similar than you think

Do you know your website is similar to your bedroom? Imagine having no control of what visitors do in your bedroom! Every button matters, clickable must be protected.

Your website is like your Bedroom and you sure do not want people to be able to come inside and leave with whatever they please. You should be in control of information that people find in your bedroom. – Edirin James Abamwa

One fateful evening, we were having a discussion on web design at the office and a colleague told a captivating story about an incident that happened in 2012. He visited the website of a great financial institution in Nigeria and was able to successfully download some information on present and past students. This information included their phone numbers and contact information.

He found it weird that he could access these information with just a click of a button and he kept thinking about what hackers and internet phishers could do with such information.

Truth is, not every hack is a negative and a lot of phishers are simply looking for information to steal one’s identity.

Now a lot of people claim to know how to design a good website. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of Digital Marketing Technicians out there.

At WSI Axon, we pride ourselves as Digital Marketing Consultants, not mere technicians. We have a network of over a thousand consultants specialized with certifications in various areas of Digital Marketing.

We are in the business of managing your brand on the internet. As a top marketing company, we do not fake expertise. Our competitive advantage comes from our knowledge about market trends and competitive analysis of your business.

Usually we inquire, why do you want a website? Your response to that helps us understand if you are ready for the internet business and are mindful of the hazards associated with having a web presence.

We at WSI Axon know how to build impregnable websites that are not only alluring and exquisite, but presentable, secure, functional and easy to use.

Website branding has to do with how your brand appears across mobile devices. The look, feel and information on your website should be consistent on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. We go as far as ensuring your website appears precisely the same way on various mobile devices and browsers.

Take the internet banking for instance, it looks great on desktop, but not so great on tablet, well depending on the tablet you use. But it doesn’t fit well on an iPad.

On mobile however, the web application is pretty messy and Gtbank has a mobile app that’s available on apple store and google play store. For people who do not have the app, the experience is quite disparate.

If you have ever had issues accessing a website on your mobile phone, you might have seen some recommendations like; Do not use with Firefox or Safari, or asking if you have Google Chrome?

Or when you are out of the country, say in London on vacation, how does the Gtbank mobile banking respond or does it even work? I can tell you that the server response worldwide is not so great.

Registering with a content distribution network is a good idea for enterprise brands and we can help get you registered.

Contact WSI Axon is the exception, we are architects of value.

We offer consultancy to our clients and make sure that they are safe and secure once they are on the web.


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Dolapo Esho

Dolapo Esho is a search and social marketing specialist who has earned certification through WSI's Advanced Internet Marketing Program as well as the WSI Adaptive Search Engine Academy. She works with clients in the areas of marketing strategy, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and social media technology, such as blogging.

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