Web development with Mobile Optimization

22 Apr
Web development with Mobile Optimization

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Since it’s 2016 and mobile device are a cultural norm, telling you to optimize your eCommerce experience for mobile might seem a little obvious.

But within the realm of eCommerce, mobile commerce is still developing. In fact, 72% of 2015 eCommerce spending was conducted on a desktop, with just 15% on a smartphone and 13% on a tablet.

The most critical thing to learn from mobile playing second fiddle to the desktop in terms of eCommerce sales is that it’s not likely to last. But in the meantime, there may be some customers who have multi-device purchase journeys, and those experiences are the real concern.

Picture this: you’re at work and eating lunch at your desk (again). You decide to check out Facebook to give your brain a rest and there it is: the Navy blue designer suit that you never thought was sold in Nigeria! Hardly containing your excitement, you click through to the eCommerce site that offers the suit and add it to your cart but alas, lunch is over and you need to get back to work.

Later on that evening, you’re watching TV and trying to unwind when, like a bolt of lightning cracking the base of a tree, you’re hit with the image of that perfect Navy Blue Suity. Your laptop is all the way upstairs so you pull out your phone and navigate to the eCommerce site where you ’re surprised and disappointed to find a completely different experience than you had on your desktop – and not for the better.

Web development with Mobile Optimization

This scenario leads to another shopping cart abandonment, and a ll because of a poor experience. Starting with the simple goal of ensuring you deliver an excellent eCommerce customer experience across multiple devices lays the foundation for you to get a leg up on your competitors both now and in the future (when the sales scale inevitably tips towards mobile).

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Chukwudi Nwokike

Chukwudi Nwokike has worked with brands from different sectors of the economy such as: University of Nigeria, Afrinvest, Meristem, Bi-Courtney Aviation and dRaX ARTS. His clientele usually end up with a healthy web presence that is capable of generating revenue for their business. He works with WSI,one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world with over 1,000 offices in 81 countries. WSI Axon is the Lagos Office that helps business improve their digital presence and become profitable on the internet.

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