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Speaking of abandoned carts, we’ve all had that experience. You’re scrolling through your Twitter or Facebook feed and a product jumps off your screen, into your mind’s eye, and right onto your legs (if it’s a pair of nice shoes, for example).

You click on the immaculate shoes and are directed to a decent-looking eCommerce site. You add the shoes to your cart, virtually e-kipping your way to a purchase.

Web development for ecommerce

And then you see the dreaded pop-up; you know , the one that asks you to create an account before you make a purchase? After some audible grumbling, you tell yourself the brand is asking you to create an account with the best of intentions: they want you to have easy future access to more awesome products like the trendy shoes you still really want. They’re throwing up a barrier to purchase instead of making it simple and easy, but hey, the shoes make a lot of sense.

Web development for ecommerce

You begin to fill in the information to create your account. They ask for all the usual stuff, like name, address, phone number , email address, company name, the number of employees in your company , your favorite color, mother’s maiden name…wait, what?

You don’t want to give out some of this information, which is totally unnecessary for this brand to even ask for, so
you try to submit it with the basics. And it doesn’t work.

Now panic sets in. You want the shoes but you’re annoyed with your overall customer experience, and your desire to stop dealing with things that frustrate you is becoming stronger than your fading urge to make a purchase. Finally, with one last glance at the little red sentence reading, “Please fill out the required fields” you close the tab, leaving your cart totally abandoned.

Before opting to include things like mandatory account creation, the number of fields on your forms, payment options or pop-up notifications, run through this quick checklist:

Web development for ecommerce

If you cannot check off all of these boxes, don’t add the feature. Period. It doesn’t matter what it is – if it makes the purchase process more difficult for your customer, it’s doing more harm than good.

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