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7 Proven Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

ways to increase ecommerce conversion rates

Increasing your e-commerce conversion rates is a critical part of making the most of your site traffic. Many business owners work so hard to attract visitors, but don’t successfully convert them into buyers.

Investing heavily in attracting website traffic is irrelevant if these individuals do not convert into customers. If you’re experiencing low website conversion rates, your problem may be technical, design, copy, or all of the above.

Addressing these challenges will help your business increase buyers and help to lower bounce rates and lost opportunities.

If you run an online store, you’re always trying to boost your sales. Here is a closer look at 7 proven ways to increase eCommerce conversion rates


 1, Keep The Page Simple And Uncluttered

Your website has just one single goal: to sell products, but unfortunately, we often let design and other elements get in the way of this simple goal.

The key to great conversion is to limit the friction you make for your potential customers. By friction, I am not meaning rubbing balloons on your head for static, but distractions or bad user experiences that make shopping or engagement difficult.

Web design is constantly evolving and changing to the likes of users, so design principles are really hard to define. However, there are simple rules you should follow like:

  • An easy to understand navigation
  • Proper use of animation
  • Good color scheme
  • Clean layout
  • A visually appealing interface
  • Choosing a design that is appropriate to the topic or theme
  • Keeping design elements and content organized

Anything else is just a distraction. Get rid of it!

ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rates

2. Send An Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder

Nearly 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Be it shipping costs, a complicated checkout process, a better price on another site, or a simple lack of motivation to purchase, many customers just don’t take the final step.

To solve their abandoned shopping cart issues, Radley London, an accessory brand, sent shopping cart recovery emails to customers within 30 minutes of the carts of being abandoned. By implementing this strategy, they were able to recover 7.9% of sales that would have been lost.

Another company, Movies Unlimited, was losing 75% of their carts every month.  They started sending emails 24 hours after the carts were abandoned with a message stating that the customer had left items in his or her cart. They also included images in the emails. If the customer didn’t take action, then five days later, another reminder with a different subject line was sent. A third and final email was sent out following that. In the end, the campaign resulted in a 26% conversion rate.

To achieve similar results, test out different abandoned shopping cart emails. Incorporate various subject lines and personalization strategies, and figure out what timing works best as well.

3.No Remarketing or Retargeting Strategy

Remarketing is an essential part of any eCommerce conversion process. It’s a way to get the attention of people who come to your site and leave without completing a purchase. This is crucial because most people won’t be ready to make a purchase on their very first visit to your site.

Ever noticed how when you leave a site and then go to Facebook, you see an ad for that same site in the sidebar? That’s remarketing in action, and it’s very effective, increasing both engagement and conversions according to Moz.

You can also use OptinMonster to run an email retargeting campaign to:

  • Make offers to people who’ve been to your site before.
  • Personalize popups to boost sales.
  • Showcase relevant upsells to people browsing your site, as shown below. That optin also uses OptinMonster’s Smart Tags feature.
4. Create A Deals and Promotion Page

E-commerce stores will often provide a box where customers can enter promo codes. When it’s there, many customers abandon their carts to go and look for codes on Google. Sometimes, they find codes that don’t work, and then they just leave the site. Or, in a worse scenario, they end up locating a better deal on a competitor’s website.

To avoid this from happening, one e-commerce company created a page on their website explaining that they didn’t even offer discount codes. They also took the opportunity to outline how they have a price-match policy, competitive low pricing, free shipping on certain purchases, a rewards program, and stellar customer service. After launching this page, the company received 21,000 visits and $1.58 million in sales.

If you don’t place a promo code box in the first place, but instead show what deals you do offer and include the benefits of shopping with your company, customers will be persuaded to make purchases.

ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rates

5. Remove friction from the checkout process

One of the biggest barriers to your ecommerce conversion rate is a difficult checkout process. Often, buyers add a product to their cart and then become frustrated due to checkout processes that require too much information, too many clicks, or that have too many forms with required fields.

Boil your checkout process down to its essential information: contact and shipping details, payment information and product requirements. Think about the least complex way to get that information and design your process around that. Focus on simplicity and minimizing clicks, while also optimizing forms for mobile device users.

The easier it is to check out of your website, the more likely buyers are to complete their purchase and come back in the future.

6, Focus on your calls to action

The average ecommerce conversion rate suffers due to one simple factor: retailers fail to focus on a clear call to action. A call to action (CTA) tells a visitor on a specific page what to do.

For example, when a visitor lands on a product page, the CTA might advise them to add the product to their cart. In another instance, the CTA at the end of a blog post might be to purchase a related product or download more information.

Look at your website through the lens of providing a clear path to purchase, and make sure each page or piece of content has a single, clear and actionable CTA to focus on. Simplify CTAs that may be too complex, and ensure CTAs stand out from a design perspective.

ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rates

7. Watch Your Metrics

Finally, the biggest secret to improving your ecommerce conversion rates is to actually track and monitor them. Not every change you make to your site will improve things, so here are some metrics to keep an eye on:

  • Bounce Rate: The % of people who leave after viewing a single page
  • Exit Rate: The % of people who leave after viewing the page
  • Click through Rate: The number of people who click a link to your website from an ad or email
  • Average Session Duration The metric to see how long people are on your website

You can find these metrics in your Google Analytics account under “Audience > Overview”.

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