Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Dentist should Embrace.

24 Mar
Top 5 Digital marketing Trends every dentist should embrace

One constant for the world of internet marketing is that there is constant change. 2017 isn’t going to be any different. In fact, I see the pace of change quickening, and I hate to see dentists getting left behind as their patients embrace new technology faster than their practice can keep up.


Digital marketing can provide extensive advantages to dental brands. New marketing tools and platforms have paved the way for the growth of innovative marketing strategies. Connecting with “smart” patients not only proved to be a challenge, but also became the new best .

Here are the new trends that every dentists  need to embrace:

1. Mobile Friendly Website:

 Since the release of the iphones, the rate at which people demand for mobile devices has been relentless.

In fact most of your patients have never seen your websites on anything except their phones.  After all, google has favoured mobile friendly website, since they updated their algorithm in April 2015 & again in March 2016.

Based on this there has been more google search queries on smartphones than on desktop, computers or  tablets.   As a dentist,if your website is not responsive, your competition has already left you in the internet stone ages.

Top 5 Digital marketing Trends every Dentists should embrace

2. Reviews (real ones) :

Without a doubt, online reviews are one of the most important factors people consider when searching for a dentist. And they’re focused on sites they know like Google, facebook and so on.

You can no longer rely on hundreds of great reviews from sites that your patients have never heard of, or handpicked testimonials on your website that internet savvy patients no longer trust.

To successfully build reviews for your dentist business you need to focus on organically sourcing positive reviews and showing incredible customer service.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends every dentists should embrace

3. Text over Voice:

Your patients are going to expect multiple ways to communicate with you that don’t involve talking to you,which will generate the need for an increased use of Facebook Messenger to ask dental questions based on appointments, complaints, emergency etc.

Your website will need to have an online appointment request portal, new patient forms and quick links to contact you by email.

You’ll want to use text messaging as much as possible, from requesting reviews to confirming Appointments.

Top 5 Digital Marketing trends every dentists should embrace



4. Sharing of Videos:

Online strategy  for dentists needs to center on videos. Facebook is video  enabled , Instagram has increased video length from 15 second to 30 seconds and YouTube now reaches more viewers under 49 than any cable network.

Your dental practice videos don’t need to be filmed professionally and most of them don’t need to be scripted, but they need to be accessible to your audience and readily available.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends every Dentists Should embrace

5. Quality Content:

 In the past, your website could rank well and stay on top by simply posting high quality content.

 Your FAQ or Dental Topics gave potential patients and search engine crawlers everything they needed, your content must be new, current and relevant.

This means that you’ll want to post more frequently on social media channels, your blog posts should center on recent activities and upcoming events, and videos need to be designed to be watched immediately.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends every Dentist should embrace

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