You don’t have to shun out content for writing’s sake if you really want to make money and generate real traffic then you need to focus on writing contents that are seo-friendly for easy access, ROI, easy navigation and traffic. Gone are those days whereby you should focus on quantity but now your priority should be quality.

People are really craving for a lot of information and you don’t have to keep away from it. You need to constantly feed your audience what they really what to see if you want to catch their attention at all times and make them glued to your website.

Contents like ‘How Tos’ tends to get more attention than others. Creating seo-friendly content can help take your readers from the engagement level to the sales level.

Here are tips that will help you create seo-friendly content.

Do Proper Research

Before creating your how-to content, you need to do some research that allows you to find the right topics and lead you in the right direction. As it takes a lot of strategic work, planning and time, you can start by using content research tools like Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, and the others. Many of these tools provide insight into topic ideas that are trending in your niche.

Use How To Structured Data

The best thing about implementing HowTo structured data is the ability to get users through a gang of steps to finish a task successfully. Moreover, you can also feature text, images, and video. If you want to focus on the how-to on the page, HowTo structured data can help you add value to your content.

Here’s how it looks like in the search:

To find out more about adding the markup to web pages that have step-by-step directions on, you can visit the developer docs for Google Search and a “how-to” action with markup for Google Assistant. Notice that you don’t need to create a separate web page to implement this structured data. You can do it without a page.

Once Google marks up your page, you can visit a new enhancement report in the Search Console to track all issues, warnings, and errors related to your how-to pages.

Optimize Your Content For SEO

Any content needs SEO to stand out from the rest on the internet these days. Today marketers try to create less content for search engines, but more for people consuming them. But it isn’t possible to remove the SEO element completely. The effective content marketing strategy means focusing on keyword and user intent research.

Once you figure out what search queries your target audience is using and what sort of content they are searching for, you can develop a good content strategy that can solve their issues and keep them moving through your funnel. Taking into account this approach makes your content more informative and engaging – everything that search engines love today. When you focus on content that appeals to your audiences, ensure to bring back to SEO naturally.

Visualize Your Content

Sometimes people can stop reading your how-to content because it has a straight text. To liven up your dry content and make readers more engaging, including more visual appeal into your content can better explain the process and attract the reader’s attention.

Visualizing your content is a great way to create a great user experience and shareable assets. That helps provide users with a clear idea to complete the process you’re explaining. Experiment with different types of visuals until you find the right combination for you.

Screenshots and graphics are effective for different guides and tutorials that give detailed steps for particular operations: where to click or what a spreadsheet should like. Infographics are great for breaking up your text into blocks to help users share a section that resonates with them.

Observe The Analytics

Once you’ve posted your how-to blog posts and articles, you need to go back in a few weeks and look at the analytics. You can easily find out whether your content is getting enough traffic, how long visitors stay on the page, where they go after reading your content, and what paths they are taking.

All of this will help you get a glimpse at your success and improve your how-to content to better direct visitors to the page. To get advanced web analytics, you can use Finteza for tracking the activities you are interested in.