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The cost of SEO: True Pricing Revealed

Cost of SEO


For any business that seeks to grow, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization is a must. Therefore, understanding the cost of SEO is key to integrating digital marketing and SEO strategies into your company plan.

There is no set cost for SEO as it largely depends on your industry, making it difficult to determine.

This article will unveil defining yardsticks that every business should know before integrating SEO in its marketing plan. From setting SEO expectations to identifying low-quality services and adequately estimating the cost of SEO.

First, we begin with the cost of SEO.

What is the cost of SEO?

What is the Cost of SEO?

There is no agreed pricing model, for SEO, whether you choose a foreign SEO consultant or a home-based SEO agency. Since the beginning of SEO, it has been nearly impossible to provide a straightforward answer to the cost of SEO. 

Depending on the scope of the project, SEO costs between $500 -$2500 per month. Generally, most SEO agencies offer a variety of pricing models to match diverse client needs and budgets. Since it is a highly competitive market, agencies are constantly adjusting their processes to retain clients.

What is the ideal amount to spend on SEO?

In recent times, there’s been an upward trajectory in SEO spending. This suggests that marketers have realized the importance of SEO in making their strategies more effective. Despite knowing how important SEO is, deciding how much to spend can be challenging.

A campaign budget determines what you can and can’t do. When preparing an SEO budget, it’s advisable to have a clear idea of your goals and objectives beforehand.

To get started, figure out how much you wish to spend on your overall digital marketing campaign. Next, you should determine how much of your budget should be spent on SEO. It could be lead generation, revenue growth, brand awareness, or organic traffic, etc. Whatever your goal is should directly influence your SEO budget allocation.

Companies might have to spend less on SEO for a number of reasons. For instance, companies with little or no competition would not really need to spend so much on SEO. Also, having a dedicated in-house digital marketing team goes a long way in reducing the cost of SEO. This is because there’ll be no need to outsource SEO since there’s a dedicated in-house SEO team

While the cost of SEO might be worrisome, SEO has a very high ROI and is a great growth accelerator. Ensure that your budget aligns with your objectives by allocating sufficient funds to the channel.

SEO deliverables: What to expect from a campaign

What to expect from an SEO Campaign

Understanding what an SEO campaign entails and how much time it takes to rank helps you handle customer queries effectively. It also gives you an idea of what your SEO agency should be doing to make you rank after hiring.

When looking for an SEO agency for your company, there are services you should look out for. Be sure they provide quality site audits, keyword research and mapping, competitive analysis, and general marketing. These are key services that are integral to a successful SEO campaign no matter how minute.  

At WSI, we offer different search engine optimization services to advance and coordinate marketing development strategies such as:

  • Project planning:

We implement processes that include planning, executing, tracking, and finalizing the process of SEO work to accomplish a specific goal within a timeline.

  • Content marketing:

Our team develops, writes, edits, and promotes excellent content that gets shared, gets linked to, and gets visitors to your site.

  • Guest blogging:

With our guest blog posting service, we help brands grow their business. Our writers create unique content in your domain links and posts on targeted websites, boosting your brand’s visibility and traffic.

  • Link Building Methods:

We optimize search engine rankings and SEO performance using a process-driven approach combined with cutting-edge link-building strategies.

  • Technical SEO:

Technical optimization improves your site’s ability to be crawled and indexed by major search engines. Our team of SEO experts will identify any technical issues that could negatively impact your marketing efforts. You can write excellent content.

Cost of SEO for small businesses

As a small business with a website, it is advisable to hire an SEO agency if you want the advantage of ranking like other sites.

Although small business owners may be experts at maximizing their budgets, the cost of SEO will depend on your exact strategy and goals. 

Different agencies charge different prices. When you decide to hire an agency, discuss what specific tactics they will need to use on your site, this answer will help you determine priorities and the level of effort necessary to meet your objectives. 

To this end, a reasonable budget is one you can afford, unhindered by other concerns.

How much does SEO cost in Nigeria in 2021?

So far, we have come to understand that the costs of SEO may vary depending on the agency, the project objectives, and the package the client chooses. In Nigeria, most agencies focus on local search engine optimization, for instance, ranking locally for search results.

An average local SEO cost in Nigeria ranges between N300,000 and N1,500,000, depending on the type of SEO service you want for your business. It requires a project subscription plan and takes about 4 – 6 months before your website starts appearing on Google search results.


Regardless of what industry your business operates in, integrating SEO is a sure path to business growth. However, you can only do this effectively, when you know the cost of SEO. This helps you plan adequately so you get the best out of SEO.

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