You might be asking right now, what is a high converting offer? The truth is the percentage varies across various industries, but from our expertise, we have noticed that conversion rates range from 2% – 5%. Now, these are average rates, this might not be the best your company can do.

As a business you should be pushing for high converting offers not average offers. A percentage of 10% in your business will have an upward rise in your revenue. In this article, we want to enumerate a couple of strategies you can apply to your business to increase your conversion rates.

Strategies to Increase landing page conversion

Strategies to Increase landing page conversion


Grab unto your visitors with an interesting offer:

An enticing offer that can get the attention of your subscribers will go a long way to ensuring that the deal is closed as soon as possible. Making an enticing offer to a buyer involves understanding what the buyer needs, and communicating his needs appropriately to him.

The first thing we need to develop when it comes to your offer is the header or subject title. According to Neil Patel of, people read the header five times more than they read the body copy. Except people who are interested in your copy headline will continue to read the body.

To tell you how important headlines are, some companies have reported a 46% increase in the conversion just by changing one word in an email subject title.

Strategies to Increase landing page conversion

Headlines are important because they are the first thing any reader glances through before he goes ahead to read your message.

To write a compelling headline that converts follow the principle of the four U’s.

  • Your headline should be unique.
  • Your headline should be ultra-specific.
  • Your headline should convey a sense of urgency.
  • Your headline should be useful

Using Scarcity to Spice up your offers:

Scarcity makes your products sexier.

Bold claim, I know.

But it’s true: Items in limited supply are strangely appealing.

You’ve probably experienced this in your own life: You always want what you can’t have. That last remaining bagel that the lady in front of you just bought. Your best friend’s super handsome boyfriend. The list goes on and on.

Strategies to Increase landing page conversion

The power of scarcity can be understood through a simple lesson on commodity theory.

This theory proposes that scarcity increases the value (or at least the desirability) of an item or experience that meet three basic criteria:

  • It’s useful
  • It’s transferable between people
  • It has the potential to be possessed

In case you’re wondering, this means any marketable good and service fits the bill–and even marketing activities fall into this category.

Commodity theory suggests that scarcity increases perceived value because possession of items in scarce supply make people feel distinctive, unique, and special.

And no value means more for your business than the perceived value of your products.

Because who doesn’t want to own something that few others do? We love to feel like the special snowflakes our parents always told us we were.


Using Interesting headlines and scarcity are just some of the ways by which we can increase conversion on landing pages. Try these techniques and let us know about the results you’re getting.


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