Elated to share today is this amazing secret on how employers can get smarter with employee motivation.

Before the nitty-gritty let’s expose these 10 common misconceptions about employee motivation. This will debunk certain workplace myths and boost your staff reward ideas.

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10 Common Misconceptions About Employee Motivation
1. Money is the best motivator:

Don’t turn your employees to roadside beggars. The euphoria disappears as soon as the money finishes and reappears as the next money is received. Guess what, the staff may get back to a much lower level of motivation.

2. Appreciating a staff for a job well done will make others feel bad:

Are you a killjoy? Everyone, including that grumpy staff, gets better when given an open recognition.

3. Complaining constantly will keep the staff on their toes:

Dear Boss, kindly stop your search for Kunta Kinte. You will only make the staff have a feel of low self-worth and you know this does not make his work better either.

4. The lesser the funds spent on rewarding, the more profit the organization has:

I beg to disagree. Read on to discover the amazing secret on how you can be smart with employee rewards. You will be surprised to realize how you can save Marketing Cost, Drive Traffic to your Organisation’s website and almost double your profit.

5. Not all staff should be rewarded:

I think you are 100% wrong here. Both the Top 5 and bottom 5 in the staff cadre feel the same way when rewarded.

6. Threatening staff periodically will improve productivity:

Big No, this hampers creativity. Do not be surprised to realize such staff will devote time surfing for new jobs than focusing on your job.

7. Randomly moving staff from one department to another makes a good company:

Before your next reshuffling kindly consider you risk having square pegs in round holes. This explains why you keep having qualified employees yet not achieving set goals. It is just a problem of unqualified people occupying certain sensitive positions and distorting the entire equilibrium. Of course, you do not expect the misfits to own up when things go wrong.

8. Staff do not really care about the organization so why should the organization care:

The Mathematics is simple- Employee motivation is directly proportional to improved productivity.

“Both the Top 5 and bottom 5 in the staff cadre feel the same way when rewarded”

9. There are some must follow rules in staff motivation:

Well, except you work with robots there are no etched in stone rules for motivation. The more creative you can get about staff motivation, the better for your organization. Read further to see the untold magical effect of employee reward.

10. The budget cannot accommodate rewards:

No, not this cliche again. Then try non-financial incentives. According to Zig Ziglar, workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company. Does any of these involve budgetary inclusion?

Employees are more productive when motivated.

staff reward ideas Ngozi Odukwe wsiaxon.com

Are you considering starting a reward system? Let’s consider these staff reward ideas.

Have a hall of honour or a wall of honour to periodically display a picture of any staff being recognised for excellence. This satisfies a motivational requirement according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Same way you will feel when you see your portrait conspicuously displayed. This way staff will be motivated to work towards being the next on display.

You can reward your employees for being your social media ambassadors. How? Set a target, it could be social media engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, retweeting to trend, just anything worthwhile and watch the spike from staff efforts. Devote a chunk of your Marketing budget for commensurate rewards.

Another staff reward idea is the good-old team lunch or gift voucher. It still puts a spark of life in the desired direction.
Just say thank you. You can make it dramatic or casual, secret or open. Your word of appreciation has unquantifiable far-reaching effects. This again does not require special skills and resources.

You can offer related training opportunities. Choose from the array of digital marketing courses.

Staff reward ideas will be generated when you are not caught in the web of these 10 common misconceptions on employee motivation.

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