Social Media Marketing: How it works in the real world

06 Jun

It’s 2016, yet many small and medium sized businesses are still dismissing “social websites” as either a place for teens or for big companies with big budgets like Jumia and Konga.
And while the “big boys” as we like to call them in Nigeria are all on these sites and doing cool things, you had better pay attention to what the social sites are saying about YOUR business too.

Why Should You Care?

The bottom line – whether you like it or not – is that Google is going to show people results from these social sites about you when they search your name. That’s right! Your Facebook page or Twitter account might actually show up in search results above your company website.
So the question then becomes – are these listings positive or negative and what can you do about it?

Social Media Marketing

What could possibly happen?

I recently heard a commercial warning that “the Internet doesn’t fact check.” And this is unfortunately often true when it comes to social sites.
Some frightening things you may not know:

  • Has someone else reserved a Twitter username similar to your name?
  • Anyone can setup a Facebook business page (even if it’s not theirs)
  • Anyone can post a review about your business on hundreds of websites (including Google)

The fact is that if you don’t protect your social profiles, you are in danger of someone else putting information on the Internet that you can’t control.

What Can You Do?

So even if you don’t want to keep up a social website profile, I suggest you set one up before someone else does.

  • Register a profile with all the major sites.
  • Complete as much information as you can on these profiles.
  • Claim your local listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Taking these steps will, at a minimum, ensure that you don’t wake up and find someone else is operating a social website profile in your name and it puts your best foot forward with potential clients.

There are many more digital marketing techniques that can benefit or improve your business’ online presence. Visit our site to learn about what else you can do to ensure your business’s social media presence is a positive one.

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Chukwudi Nwokike

Chukwudi Nwokike has worked with brands from different sectors of the economy such as: University of Nigeria, Afrinvest, Meristem, Bi-Courtney Aviation and dRaX ARTS. His clientele usually end up with a healthy web presence that is capable of generating revenue for their business. He works with WSI,one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world with over 1,000 offices in 81 countries. WSI Axon is the Lagos Office that helps business improve their digital presence and become profitable on the internet.

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