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Technology has changed. So have your Customers!technology-has-changed

  • They are equipped with more knowledge (the digital power).
  • They have multiple touch points to interact.
  • They are more demanding than ever.
  • They now equate brands with experiences.

So the existing is ruining the customer experience! It’s time to change to…

Customer Campaign Centric Approach

You need to evolve to Customer centric approach which will help you to deliver superior Customer Experience through…


You need MARKETING AUTOMATION; An Automation that helps you define your CUSTOMERS’ JOURNEYS.

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Discover your customers like never before.

Smartech is a Smart Cross-Channel Marketing Automation tool.

Build automated, ongoing programs that foster continued, personal customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.


Why Smartech?


It allows consumer-focused marketers to create, deploy and optimize individualized marketing, at scale, that resonates across channels.

How it will help you


  • Increased Engagement
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • More Leads Sales Ready
  • Automated External Processes
  • Improved After Sale Support
  • Recycled Leads
  • Decreased Number of Lost Opportunities

These will ultimately result to…



Give the best possible seamless cross-channel experience!

Features & Benefit

  1. Contact Manager


Get to know your customer better by creating a single customer master file for all your marketing activities. Contact Manager Tool helps you stay organized and better manage your contacts and schedule campaigns.

  • Easily create multiple new lists for different marketing campaigns
  • Define segments by mapping different attributes to your list
  1. Automation


Flexible and easy-to-use interactive tool to define rules, automate workflows and execute campaigns automatically without any manual intervention.

  • Define triggers based on customer behavior like email open, missed call, filling a form on landing page, etc.
  • Personalize at scale by defining actions based on customer attributes like age, gender, location, etc.
  1. Broadcast


A single platform that helps you reach out to thousands of your customers simultaneously and send out all your marketing communication – promotional, information and transactional messages via Email and SMS.

  • Quickly convert your potential prospects with orchestrated communication and workflow
  • Re-engage and maintain relationships with constant string of relevant messages
  1. Content & Templates


Make a template in minutes. Choose from our free customizable Email and SMS templates or easily create your own unique template and upload.

  • A gallery of 100+ Responsive email templates to choose from
  • Preview and test so your templates look great on desktop and mobile devices
  1. Analytics


Understand the impact of the revenue spent on marketing. Get an insight about which marketing campaign is doing well and which isn’t.

  • Detailed reports and analytics for every broadcast, automation and campaign
  • Analyze the performance and optimize future campaigns

Case Studies

  1. Dropped leads recycling


  • Convert the non-interested leads who have dropped out due to various reasons to make them sales-ready.


  • Segmenting the dropped leads based on standard reasons
  • Targeting each segment with a lead nurturing program through a cross-channel automation


  • Recycled 50 leads out of a database of 19,139 contacts, at a CPL of Rs. 35
  1. Customer Activation


  • To get their semi-active and active customers to trade more.
  • Finding the right content to entice the customers to trade.


  • Doing an A/B Test to see what entices customers to invest more – Offers or Educational Material.
  • A cross-channel program was designed to get these customers to invest more


  • Final conversion data was not shared by the client
  • Total- 21890 emails sent
  • Open rate- 6.7% .
  • Click rate- 0.2%
  1. Referral Campaign


  • Lead generation through existing customers via a referral campaign.


  • Automating the entire process.
  • Sending personalized mailers to existing customers and entice them to refer friends.
  • Tracking number of referrals and the traction the referrals provided.


  • Processed a total of 777 referrals, with 218 leads showing traction.
  1. Expired Leads Recycling Campaign


  • Convert the 3 months old (Expired) leads to make them sales-ready.


  • Cross channel drip campaign
  • Targeting based on behaviour
  • Real-time intimation to the end customer on the basis of the interest expressed.


  • Recycled 157 leads out of a database of 17270 contacts at a CPL of approx. Rs. 18
  1. Customer Loyalty


  • To migrate the customers from online travel agencies and hotel booking websites on to Lemon Tree’s Website


  • Providing a 1000/- voucher on the next booking from Lemon Tree’s website
  • A mailer with a monthly reminder


  • 20 out of every 500 contacts booked rooms.
  • Open rate went to 15%
  1. Offline to Online Migration Campaign


  • To migrate their offline investors to the online portal of UTI Mutual Fund


  • Segmentation on the basis of age and investment made
  • Each segment was targeted with relevant and attractive mails to get them to trade on the online portal


  • 428 migrations from a database of 45,568 offline investors at a CPM of approx Rs. 9.


Did you know?

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.


Convert your Contacts into Costumers.

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