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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Corporate Events

A myth that corporate events can never go flawless needs to be debunked. We could go on and on to analyze flops at corporate events which range from unclear objectives, less ideal location, poor reception, unrealistic timing, boring sessions, poor attendance etc. This write-up sets to address how to solve the biggest problems with corporate …

Ecommerce Email Marketing Principles for Nigerian businesses

The best ecommerce email marketing principles all together in one post Ecommerce and email marketing for nigerian businesses cannot be separated, infact growing your ecommerce business requires you to come up with a proper email marketing strategy. Most Nigerian ecommerce business understand the problems of abandoned carts, low sale cycles and low conversion rates etc. …

Social network: Instagram Tips for Nigerian Companies

Instagram is undoubtedly the largest photo sharing network in the world. Your business cannot neglect this instagram, it’s important to take advantage of the large network of individuals that are on instagram right now. Find below some Instagram tips for your business Follow your Followers The people you follow on social networking platforms make all …