PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) to improve your marketing

16 Sep

Pay-per-click advertising can sometimes be overlooked as the more expensive or less trusted alternative to search engine optimization, but the truth is, the resulting benefits from pay-per-click marketing are more instant and better to find than SEO.

Here are five (5) great reasons why a pay-per-click campaign can help you achieve your online marketing goals:

  1. Accurately monitor your conversion rates

Set up correctly a pay-per-click campaign, can track which search phrases are driving the most conversions, enabling you to make instant improvements and achieve a return on your advertising budget.

With so much data and information at your disposal, you should definitely be monitoring the conversion rates of your PPC campaigns. If a keyword is delivering lots of traffic and a reasonable amount of conversions, you’ll know to continue bidding on it. However, if a keyword isn’t sending very much traffic or isn’t converting any visitors into customers, you can feel comfortable in removing that phrase from your campaigns.

  1. Generate data to inform your SEO strategy

Getting immediate feedback on which search phrases are most effective will give greater focus and direction to your long term SEO strategy, saving you time and resources by avoiding the less fruitful search terms.

Using the data you got from monitoring your conversion rates you can begin to shape and inform your long-term SEO strategy. If there are any low-cost high-value terms that are converting many of your website visitors into customers then you should be targeting those terms organically as well.

  1. Reach new audiences instantly and efficiently

Pay-per-click advertising provides an excellent vehicle to get you in front of new audiences or to try new markets with immediate effect and super focused, such as running a 2 hours lunch time campaign over five days.


PPC is an extremely agile marketing tactic. On a whim, you can decide that you want to target a new, secondary audience because you have a hunch they might be interested in your products or services. Once you determine some keywords that are relevant to both this audience’s interests and your brand, then you can run a short campaign to gauge the reaction and behavior of this new group of potential customers.

  1. Learn more about your online competitors

The right pay-per-click tracking programs can help improve your ad campaign by monitoring your competitors such as analyzing keyword selections, bid levels, ad updates and special offers.

Did you know that right now, there’s information floating around that could tell you which of your competitors are running more successful campaigns than you? By analyzing keyword selections and bid levels, monitoring ad updates and crafting better special offers, you can once again launch your business ahead of its competitors.

  1. Target your customers anywhere

As well as reaching new audiences from search results, a pay-per-click campaign allows you to target customers using Display ads and Remarketing enabling you to create follow up offers or seasonal campaigns to target previous conversions.

In addition to reaching new target groups via search results, PPC campaigns provide you with the opportunity to retarget previous website visitors or converted customers. This enables you to create additional offers and even seasonal campaigns, which gives these interested visitors a chance to purchase your products or services.

In conclusion, as online trends develop, advertising opportunities like pay-per-click are providing innovative ways for businesses to reach new customers while making a real return on investment


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Dolapo Esho

Dolapo Esho is a search and social marketing specialist who has earned certification through WSI's Advanced Internet Marketing Program as well as the WSI Adaptive Search Engine Academy. She works with clients in the areas of marketing strategy, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and social media technology, such as blogging.

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