You Need to Be Collecting the Right Data from Your Customers

09 Apr

There is a lot of talk about optimization, online advertisement, omni-channel marketing experience being spoken about by marketers. There is no doubt that this new adaptive form of marketing is helping businesses increase their ROI on advertising and improve their customer’s experience.

However, your business cannot take advantage of this if you are not treating your customer/prospect data seriously. Many businesses are always looking for the killer acquisition campaign; It is equally as important to understand the data of your past and present customers, your website visitors, your fans on your social media page and other data touch points your business has with the potential customer.’


Here are the four major types of data you should be collecting:

  • Contact Information
  • Transaction Data
  • Customer Experience Data
  • Impact of Marketing Promotion by Channels.


Contact Information.

You need to know who your customers are, where they are and multiple ways you can contact them. Here is the important contact information you need to be collecting:

  • Name (First Name and Last Name)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Browser Token IDs

Transactional Data

This valuable data is an indicator of the relationship between your customers and your bnrand. Valuable insights can be got from this data on how to improve your products and your customer experience. Here is the transactional data you need to be collecting.

  • Number of purchases
  • Products Purchased
  • Preferred channel of communication
  • Total Value of Purchases
  • Date of Last Purchase
  • Mode of payment for transactions
  • Online channel used for purchase.

Customer Experience Data

The Customer experience data should not be ignored. This data can be leveraged to understand the psychology of your potential customer and ways to facilitate a buying decision. In addition, customer experience data does not stop with the sale, so you have an understanding of how your products are used and how they can be made better.

Here is the customer experience data you need to be collecting:

  • Products Viewed
  • Buying intentions (eg contact, add to cart)
  • Product inquiries made
  • Funnel drop-offs
  • Website usage behaviour
  • Cross-category purchase patterns
  • Reviews

Impact of Marketing Promotion by Channels.

Lets face it, some marketing channels will favour your business more than others. Also, some marketing channels work particularly well on business verticals that might be different from your own meaning they wont work as well. So it is important for your business to understand the channels that lead to the most purchases,interests and buying intent such that more investment is made on those channels.

The data that can help you with these decisions are:

  • Offers Redeemed
  • Coupons Used
  • Sale volume by channel
  • Conversions by channel (eg newsletter subscribe, form fill-up)
  • Response Rate by Channel (eg CTR)
  • Cost of conversions by channel (eg CPM, CPC, CPA)
  • Conversion rate by channel


Tracking and Capturing the Data

Some of the web infrastructure you can use to track and collect this data are:

  • Website Contact Forms
  • Newsletter subscription Forms
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Reviews
  • Checkout Forms
  • Browser push notification subscription tokens
  • Google Analytics

Some of the web products you can use to house this data are

While the list above might not be exhaustive; It is a great start to data gathering so that you can be more effective in your marketing and delivering your customer experience. If you need consultation on what kind of data your specific business should be collecting, you can contact me here:


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