Scale your Nigerian Ecommerce Business with the N5000/ Day Traffic Plan


Internet marketing is a tricky business. Advertising online from Nigeria can be a very wasteful experience if you do not know what you are doing. This article was written as a guide to enable you understand the process behind advertising that works and gets you results.

The N5000/Day traffic plan isn’t suggesting that you advertise with only N5000 per day. Gaining reasonable results overtime will require at least N15000/day worth of advertisements over a period of time.

What this N5000/Day traffic plan does is to guide you on how to apportion your online advertisement funds for each N5000 spend you engage in and besides most brands when advertising choose to begin with a N5000/day advertisement budget.

N5000 Traffic Plan For Nigerian Ecommerce Businesses

Nigerian entrepreneurs and business owners face a very hostile market currently, consumers are buying less and less as their purchasing power continues to reduce, people are very careful with how they spend their money in this times.

Some of the trends we’ve noticed are:

  • Traffic platforms are changing
  • Online buying cycles are changing
  • Consumers and users are changing
  • Automatic relationship building has become paramount

That’s why having the right strategy as a business person who operates online and an ecommerce owner is very important.

Before we dive into strategies and processes, let’s talk about temperatures.

Understanding the difference between traffic temperatures is the defining line, between success and failure in advertisement.

The three traffic temperatures are:

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot

Let’s define them a bit.

Cold traffic temperatures are those people who do not know you and know of the existence of your brand. They have no idea what you do and when you’re advertising, it will be the first time they will ever hear from you.

Warm traffic temperatures have heard of you and have interacted with your brand, and most times they have indicated an interest in your offering.

Hot traffic temperatures are your customers who have bought from you and are your customers, but most times they are first time purchasers of a very low naira ticket offer which was only put out for conversion.

N5000 Traffic Plan For Nigerian Ecommerce Businesses

Your goal in online marketing is to move your uses/prospects from cold traffic – warm traffic – hot traffic.

We have a three way process by which we go about doing this:

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion

Imagine proposing to a girl or guy you just met on the first date. How silly will that look?

Honestly, that’s how most Nigerian ecommerce brands operate, they expect consumers who have never interacted with their brand and don’t know who they are to buy from their store page just because they pumped money in advertising.

It doesn’t work that way, conversions take time, it’s the third step in the advertising process and it involves a systematic approach of moving customers from your cold traffic to hot traffic, it’s a game and you have to play it well.

Another analogy that works here is the frog analogy, if you throw a frog into hot water it will jump out immediately, but if you throw that frog into cold water and turn up the heat slowly and systematically, the frog will keep adjusting until it boils thoroughly, harsh but truth.

N5000 Traffic Plan For Nigerian Ecommerce Businesses

Let’s dive into the process:

Awareness – This is the indoctrination phase for your visitors and relies on advertising to your cold traffic. The objective is to introduce your business to your users. This phase relies a lot on content creation and marketing

Engagement – This is the phase where you engage your visitors with a free offer, like a lead magnet and this is for your warm traffic. The objective is to convert your site visitors as leads for a free offer. This phase relies a lot on lead magnets, quiz surveys, free webinars and low discount offers

Conversion – This is the phase where you convert your prospects into customers and gain repeat customers and this is advertised for your hot traffic. Objective is to activate the customer who hasn’t bought in a while or an interested prospect.

The N5000 Traffic split plan

Cold Traffic (60%) – N3000

Warm Traffic (30%) – N1500

Hot Traffic (10%) – N500

For every N5000 you spend, ensure N3000 is spent on advertising to your cold traffic, N1500 to your warm traffic and N500 to your hot traffic. When you apportion your ads correctly you gain better results and grow your ecommerce business.

If you want to learn more about how to drive the specific kind of right traffic to cold, warm and hot traffic that gets you the results you are looking for, fill the form below.