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Marketing With Facebook Video

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Adverts that Converts

Video allows you to connect with prospects and customers on an intimate level. Facebook amplifies that intimacy via personal interactions in the comments on both native and live video. The key, of course and the biggest challenge is to make sure people watch your videos all the way through.

There are a few ways to go about this.

  • Go for widescreen with a ratio of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Carefully optimize your video’s text and thumbnail, adding relevant tags and compelling description.
  • Schedule the video so it’s published during a period of high engagement.
  • Make the first comment on your video prior to release.
  • Focus on telling a compelling story, and design the video around that purpose.
  • Promote the video through a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook live video is another excellent way to generate leads, especially combined with Facebook ads. It can even be integrated with Facebook Messenger bots. The bot can do the talking for you, delivering the information the customers are looking for while you focus on the video.

This doesn’t need to be a costly proposition. You can use Facebook Live from your desktop without requiring costly software or studio-quality tech. All you need is a decent webcam and microphone along with an open-source tool like OBS Studio.

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Another way you can use videos for engagement is by hosting a Facebook Watch Party in one of your Facebook groups. This involves holding a live screening of pre-recorded videos, made publicly available via your group. Members can watch and comment on the video at the same time, creating a shared experience.

Think of it like a bunch of friends getting together online to watch a TV broadcast.

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