The most honest marketers around will tell you that ultimately, referrals lead to the highest conversion rates for businesses all over the world. Nothing beats a recommendation from a close and trusted friend to make a buying decision.

That is what a referral campaign businesses. It is a marketing campaign that encourages current customers to refer your business in the hope of getting new leads and customers. Sounds a little bit hard and complicated?

That is because you haven’t tried to do it with marketing automation.

Here is a sample workflow from netCORE’s Smartech for a referral campaign:



Here is how it works:

  • The Smartech system Database sends a personalized email to all their customers encouraging them to refer their customers by filling a form for a discount, coupon, free gift etc. This form contains the name of friend, email and/or phone number.
  • When your customer fills the form, an SMS is sent to the friend letting him know that he got a referral and who it was from with a link to a customer signup form.
  • An email is also sent to the friend simultaneously with the customer signup form embedded in the email.
  • When the referred friend fills the form, it is automatically added into your customer database, with a notification sent to your Customer Relations team with the information from the form.
  • The Customer Relations Team can now call the referred friend to convert the prospect to a customer.


When we say that marketing automation produces qualified leads and streamlines marketing processes efficiently this is what we mean. The best part about this whole process explained previously, was that it was done automatically by the Smartech system without any intervention from the user. All the user had to do was start the process.

For companies in Nigeria, NetCore a WSI partner has produced a ground-breaking marketing automation tool for businesses in Nigeria. The marketing automation tools works simultaneously on POS, Website, Email and Mobile.  You can automate your communication with your customers by use of landing page forms, Email newsletters, Voice Calls and SMS messages.


Don’t spend more money on a marketing campaign than you have to. You NEED marketing automation.


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