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Learn how to fix broken links? 404 error is bad for your business.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Imagine spending money on ads and driving traffic to your website,  but all they get is a “Sorry, page not found message”. 

What do you think the people that click your website would do next? They’ll most likely hit the back button, which means you have lost a potential customer, and who knows how many more of that. 

The probability that this potential customer would come back is 0.0001% even the statistics show that 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.  The error message does not only drove away potential customers but also damaged your reputation. 

You have broken links, If you’ve ever deleted images, or changed the URL of a product page. It’s time to check the health status of your site.

In this article I will show you how to fix broken links on your website, your visitors will never hit that back button again (not because of a broken link)

Shall we?

There are various tools online you can use to crawl your website, this will detect critical errors and the good news is many of these tools are free. 

  1. Google Search Console is notable for detecting pages on your website that return errors. GSC detects broken links, sets up GSC, and ensures you check GSC often and fix errors as soon as possible.
  1. Xenu Link Sleuth is another free tool that can help you check your entire site for broken links. This tool analyses every link on your website, including images, video, and scripts. You will need to enter the URL you want to check for broken links. 


How to fix all broken links.

Once you’ve crawled your website and identified the broken links. It’s time to fix them. Try by examining each link, page and see why it’s broken.

The result you get from the crawling tool listed above are well-detailed and will help you to locate the broken links. 

For example, if you’ve deleted an old page and created a new one to take its place, then that old page will turn into a 404 not found when people try to access it. Ensure you do a 301 redirect whenever you move a page. This will send visitors to the new location and will also tell search engines that the page has permanently moved. 

You can connect with our Support if you have any questions or require assistance to fix your broken links. 

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