Internet Marketing Benefits for Building a Nigerian Business

27 Feb
Internet Marketing Benefits for Building a Nigerian Business

Growing a business in Nigeria has grown before the four walls of traditional marketing. Companies are beginning to establish a firm stance on digital marketing, and these companies are not just top rate corporate bodies but even SME’s are grabbing unto the digital marketing wagon in Nigeria.

There was also a time that digital marketing was for the “technical savvy” Nigerians who had an IT background, but all of this is changing, as business owners and marketing heads are beginning to notice the benefits of online marketing in Nigeria.

Internet Marketing Benefits for Building a Nigerian BusinessONLINE MARKETING Tag Cloud (search optimisation link building)

But currently, a newbie can develop an online campaign with proper training that would have required outsourcing in the past.

This gives rise to tremendous opportunity for both small-scale as well as large-scale businesses to improve their sales through web marketing.

Today, world attention is focused on internet; people of all ages, background, ethnic and social status are well attached to internet in one way or the other.

Some of the benefits of online marketing and advertising are enumerated thus:

  1. Broad and global Reach
  2. Highly adaptable to multitasking
  3. Residual and continuity effect
  4. All-hour based marketing service
  5. Cost-effectiveness


Broad and Global Reach

What is more important to business owners and marketers than to get their products and services across to wide prospects base! With internet, online businesses, both medium and large-scale, are accessible to millions of online users.

Internet Marketing Benefits for Building a Nigerian Business

Your advertisement reaches global prospects through various online marketing strategies like email marketing, blog/content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement.

Prospects translate to money and as such, the more reach your marketing claims, the more the prospects. When numbers of prospects skyrocket, you  have opportunity for more customers and sales and you make more money which is the ultimate goal of every business.


Highly Adaptable to Multitasking

One of the core advantages of online marketing is the ability to attend to millions of customers and consumers simultaneously.

Once the infrastructure is efficient, huge numbers of buying and selling transaction take place within your virtual estate without diminishing  the satisfaction of each customer purchasing  various items.


Residual and Continuity Effect

One of the great benefits of online marketing is its inherent residual effects. Content marketing on websites and blogs remains functional and working to promote your products and services years after the marketing campaign to the content or products is over.

Internet Marketing Benefits for Building a Nigerian Business

E-book marketing produces long-term and viral effects after the production. For instance, If you run a campaign to improve traffic to your landing page, the residual power of such marketing remains effective years after the campaign might have been stopped.


All-Hour Based Marketing

Internet marketing is all-hour based. Your marketing campaigns run 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. you aren’t constrained with opening hours, neither are you to consider overtime payment for staff.

Regional or international time variation/difference doesn’t affect the availability or reachability of your online ad copy campaign and offer.

Anytime an individual opens a computer connected to the internet, S/he’s tendency to see your marketing campaign as opposed to usual traditional offline marketing.

Customers search the products offered at their convenient time as long as they like – no hasten, no fear of closing. The users own the opening and closing hours for shopping.


Internet Marketing is Cost-Effective

Internet marketing involves less or no start-up-capital. You might start blog marketing, social media marketing, email marketing with less investment compared to traditional marketing which greatly lies on the factors of production – Land, capital, labour, entrepreneur.

These are not prerequisite to online marketing and translate to reduced cost of production, advertising and marketing since no money is incurred on staffing, procurement of business premises and middlemen.

Offline traditional marketing like newspaper, radio, television and banner may cost thousands of dollars while fraction of such can run PPC advertising on Facebook, Google and other PPC companies

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