It is harder than ever to stand out in your Marketplace.

Inbound Marketing helps you stand out because you really are helping the customer, rather than trying to sell them a product.

By focusing on becoming a trusted source of information for the customer, you ensure you’re the person they’ll come to for help.

Here are 5 tips to help with your inbound success:

Create Buyer Personas

Segment your customers into personas to gain a much deeper level of understanding of your audience. Think about what makes your persona tick, what problems they face and what they search for.

Use your online metrics to investigate, research and collect data. Understanding their story will help you know how best to reach them.

Nurture leads using a sales funnel

At every stage of the sales funnel, you should add value for the customer, inform and educate. Keeping regular personalized contact.

Leverage quality content

Inbound Marketing - Customer Engagement

Use offers like eBooks, videos or webinars to gain more information about your client. Every piece of information you gather helps inform your buyer personas and better qualify your leads.

Strike the balance between the perceived offer value and the information you asked for.

Converting landing pages

Ensure your landing pages follow best practice. Keep your CTA’s bold and inviting and your landing pages uncluttered.

Make another offer or link to useful information on Thank You pages.

Multiply your efforts using workflows

Automating your workflows for a part of this process is great for lead nurturing. Workflows can help to keep regular personalized content flowing to the customer.

By designing the right kind of workflow, you can ensure a customer sees the content they want to see.

In conclusion, once you implement these five tips, you can start building your reputation and inbound campaign immediately.

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