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solve corporate events problems

A myth that corporate events can never go flawless needs to be debunked.

We could go on and on to analyse flops at corporate events which range from unclear objectives, less ideal location, poor reception, unrealistic timing, boring sessions up to poor attendance. This write-up sets to address how to solve the biggest problems with corporate events.

To unravel this mystery, I made corporate events and webinar participation a mandatory task in 2018. Furthermore, I took reviews from event participants and organisers. Finally, an opportunity yielded itself and I led a team organising a corporate event.

At the end of the event, our target audience became more aware of our brand, leads were generated, every aspect of the event plan went seamless and I exploded the myth. You know what? I got my confidence back and boosted the team’s capability to organise more events too.

Are you planning an event soon and wondering what steps to take to ensure a successful event? Read on with your checklist to identify how to solve corporate events problems.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Corporate Events

First, communicate the objective of your event

Where there are no goals and objectives for your corporate event, everything seems like the objective. There is a disconnect as people perceive and work towards diverse objectives.

The objective of your corporate event can be achieved better by visualising the desired outcome, then, work backwards e.g. event activities and sessions, steps to take, milestones, timelines, cost, scope, ideal participants, communication mode, location, reporting, and so on.

Where there are no goals and objectives for your corporate event, everything seems like the objective

Secondly, constitute a project team 

The outcome of any project is dependent on the project team. Specificity of team constituted per corporate event is dependent on tasks required from event planning to report. Most times, misfits lack the capability to light the fire of initiative and take responsibility.

Thirdly, have a project plan

Every corporate event needs its own plan even if the same event is being replicated. The project plan could be as simple as a paper plan or detailed on a project management tool as Bitrix24. My review with event organisers revealed these 5 reasons why plans fail.

  1. Unending/ Inconclusive planning sessions
  2. Planning for only ideal situations
  3. Planning sessions without the implementation team
  4. Detailed verbal conversation but poor documentation
  5. Disconnect from one activity to another/ poorly captured dependencies.

Yet, according to Benjamin Franklin, failing to plan is planning to fail. Bitrix24 works best for me as it captures start time and end time to every activity. It also automatically presents your tasks as a list, Kanban and Gantt.

If you do not just want some crucial activities of your corporate event slipping through the cracks, Bitrix your plan.

solve corporate events problems

Lastly and importantly, have a seamless platform to manage Event Invites

Having identified the target audience for your event, using technology to analyse and engage them is necessary. Sending invites, follow up and managing expectations of invites are persistent problems at corporate events. These went smoothly for us, special thanks to Netcore Smartech

Smartech is artificial intelligence-powered growth marketing platform designed to help marketers listen, analyse and build smart conversations with consumers.  It works across multiple channels like SMS, email, web and mobile Push notification, automation etc. Immense benefits of communication across multiple channels with a singular platform are indescribable, yet not fairy tale.

With Smartech, we already had a list of confirmed participants at our corporate event 7 days before the event. Can you imagine what it feels like when event sessions and presentation slides are tailored to suit your confirmed participants’ exact details and pains?

It was not surprising as our target audience became more aware of our brand, leads generated and major aspects of our corporate event achieved. Yet, our business journey with Smartech continues. Oliver Twist will always go for some more.

For a successful corporate event, effective marketing, improved sales and business turnover, just do what we did. Request for Smartech now.


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