Google Adwords: Growing Your Nigerian Brand

14 Sep

Most top brands with lots of searches on google make the unusually mistake of not bidding on their brand name. So your brand is number one on google and you’re doing extremely well with your organic positions on search engine results pages, it’s important to ensure that you don’t relinquish your brand name in paid ads.

Even if the additional bump in traffic might not be very noticeable, it’s important you do it.

Here are a couple of reasons to bid on your brand name:

Protecting your brand name

This is the most obvious reason, there’s nothing more painful than building your brand name organically and getting some searches organically, and some other brand is taking advantage of your brand to gain traffic to their websites.

But the truth is, if you do not bid on your brand name, your competition will list their paid ads, right above your organic listings.

Your brand searches will be effectively stolen, and all your hardwork in terms of your online and offline marketing efforts will be stolen.

Don’t let another business build on your efforts, capitalise on your organic brand searches by building on your brand name.

Google Adwords: Growing Your Nigerian Brand

Accurate ways to know the search volumes on your brand name

This way you can track your impressions, impression share and see the rising and dropping of search volumes. Also search terms that surround your brand, product and service can be determined for your SEO purposes.

Landing Page Optimization

Just because your page is ranking number one in organic searches doesn’t mean that’s the best landing page to convert your users. Your best ranking pages could be optimized blog posts that are not the best converting pages.

But bidding on your brand name ensures you direct traffic to the pages that you have already optimized for conversion. So you control the pages people get sent to and you can change it when you’re creating a different offer.

This way you can also test different landing pages and track subscriber/buyer conversion rates.

Here is an example of some people bidding on your brand name

Let’s do a brand search for

Google Adwords: Growing Your Nigerian Brand

As you can see above, konga is bidding on their brand search name, so the paid ads we see when we search for their brand, is, and it’s the first listing on the organic page.

Imagine, if they weren’t bidding on their brand name. Let’s check how many people search for on google.

Konga has over 1 million searches on their website.

Google Adwords: Growing Your Nigerian Brand

First position get’s close to 64% CTR, that’s close to 600, 000 searches per month, konga would have been missing out on, if they weren’t bidding on their search name.


If you’re gaining some traction on organic listings, you need to be monitoring your brand searches. Ensure that you’re bidding on your brand name, don’t lose out on the amount of searches that you could be getting. Lots of people believe it’s like donating money to google, but as we have proven above, if you’re not bidding on your brand name, you are losing out.





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