One of our clients approached us recently.

She said a colleague of his at a nigerian telecommunications company told her they were getting FB clicks to their website for $0.01 or less. She wanted me to get penny clicks for them. I told her this was extremely low, & I was skeptical it was even possible, but I’d give it a shot.

After running thousands of trial and error campaigns, with different targeting settings, I finally found the magic formula to getting down to a penny. Now, pretty much every ad I run for the majority of my clients, optimizes out between 0.01 – 0.03 dollars per click.

Obviously, this might not fall in line with every campaign or client’s individual objectives – but for a “Clicks to Website” campaign, this works well.

Here are some general guidelines that I now follow:

1) The broader the targeting, the better – Use the least amount of targeting parameters possible, even if your campaign is only relevant to a very specific group of people. When running tests, the more specific the parameters we entered, the more expensive the clicks became. Even though the company was really only targeted towards young women, using gender or age specific parameters on ads still jacked the CPC up. Any kind of interest targeting also jacked prices up. There are a lot of people out there who will click interesting ads even if they aren’t specifically relevant to them.

How to get $0.01 on Facebook Ads for Nigerian Advertisers


2) Mobile Delivery Only – Advertisements set to Mobile Delivery Only tend to get higher CTR, more clicks, & cheaper CPC on most ads. Sometimes after they’re fully optimized, we’ll change the delivery to include desktop as well..but for the most part, adding any kind of desktop delivery raised cost. Many people run FB ad blockers on their PCs, which essentially results in wasted impressions. They’re also more hesitant click links from a desktop since they may be viewing on a work or school computer, & don’t know what will pop up on the screen. They’re also more afraid of being redirected to a site which may contain viruses or harmful content, which is less of a concern on mobile.

3) Focus on CTR – Obviously everybody here already knows the higher the CTR, the cheaper the ad. But one thing a lot of people still try to do is create ads which appeal to the very specific audiences they’re targeting to boost CTR. When running a broad-targeted campaign, the trick to raising CTR is running broadly appealing ads that everybody would want to click. It may seem like a cheap shot, but don’t be afraid to use “clickbait” tactics – they work & will save your client money.

How to get $0.01 on Facebook Ads for Nigerian Advertisers

4)The Image is everything – The image needs to be bright, bold, & gripping. Boring images will kill your campaign. Again, don’t be afraid to use “click bait” pictures that may only be vaguely relevant to the ad itself. You want to draw people’s eyes in. You might have a great ad & great content, but if people’s eyes skim right over it, that will do nothing for you. So find cool pictures with bright colors & little to no text.

5) Never price bid, always auto-optimize – Almost as a rule, allowing it to auto-optimize achieved cheaper results than price bidding.

How to get $0.01 on Facebook Ads for Nigerian Advertisers

6) One Ad Per Campaign – So this one, I can’t fully explain the reasoning for, but it seems to work somehow. For each individual ad, I put it in its own campaign, even if they’re technically part of the same one. One Campaign = One Ad Set & One Ad. I really don’t know why this is helpful, but seems to somehow improve the optimization. You may be able to get away with just doing one ad per ad set, with multiple ad sets in a campaign…but again, this is just the strategy that works for me.


Anyway, these are some of the techniques you can employ within your company to get the best marketing results. But play around with it & see what works for your particular clients. Just know it Is possible if you play it right.