Do you know that over 30% of employed Nigerian youths are at high risk of losing their jobs in a few months?

6 Worst Trends Ever About Digital Marketing from 2019 is staring us in the face.

Digital trends 2019 as captured by the National Bureau of Statistics prove that the ugly clichés are now realities.

The unemployment rate accordingly, increased from 18.8% in Q3 2017 to 23.1% in Q3, 2018.

Would we rather wait and blame the government when the solution is at our fingertips? The best time to act is now!

It is no longer a question of being skilful. It’s a question of acquiring diverse skills and being organized too. It is the survival of the fittest trend.

From 2017 forecasts, online marketers who do not utilize automation and live videos are living in the Dark Age. The digital trends 2019 have continued to evolve. The train has since continued to move.

6 Worst Trends Ever About Digital Marketing from 2019
1. Digital Marketing will require more Specialisations:

Proficiency in just one aspect of digital marketing is no longer sustainable. Here is the challenge- the men will be separated from the boys. You will need to be a Jack of all trades and gain mastery in more than one. Never mind, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how.

Digital Trends 2019 Ngozi Odukwe

2. Massive Unemployment amidst Massive Job Vacancies:

We proudly signify that we belong to the digital age, unaware of the implications. Computers have displaced typewriters. Similarly, quite a good number of jobs are displaced by automation and digitalization. Some personnel are laid off and are not employable. The available job vacancies are difficult to fill because interested candidates do not qualify. That’s not all, digital trends 2019 keep unfolding.

Digital Trends 2019 Ngozi Odukwe

3. Unified Marketing process:

This is another futuristic trend from 2019. Unified Marketing app may slightly or completely substitute the need for complicated marketing processes. There has to be a deliberate and consistent distinguishing from the crowd. A tip of the iceberg is the artificial intelligence powered growth marketing. With this singular platform, communication across email, SMS, web messaging and other channels is now easier and businesses have achieved up to 30% growth.

Digital Trends 2019 Ngozi Odukwe

4. Alternative Workspace:

More organizations are becoming less rigid on the daily physical resumption of staff. Use of tools, telecommuting, and intranet has provided an opportunity for workers to be more relaxed at their choice work locations. Workers only need to be physically at work for project review sessions or as the need arises.

Digital Trends 2019 Ngozi Odukwe

5. More for Mobile Users:

More Apps will be available because the ease of building a mobile app is just an AppPresser away, no coding, no long story.

Digital Trends 2019 Ngozi Odukwe

6. Easy to Build Platforms:

Another trend is the ease to build websites, curate designs and other tasks, which before now required professionals. Canva and other design platforms have displaced the need for a professional graphic designer. Web development can be done using platforms like Bitrix. Nigerian organisations easily set up Bitrix for chats, calls, tasks management, CRM, project management etc.

Digital Trends 2019 Ngozi Odukwe

Digital trends 2019 have continued to unfold. The future for a turn-around in Nigeria is no longer bleak with these 10 options.

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