4 Questions To Ask Before Engaging A Digital Marketing Consultant

23 Apr
Digital Marketing Consultant Questions

Companies express skepticism when approached by Digital Marketing agencies and the reasons are not far-fetched. Before signing that Service Level Agreement of a Digital Marketing Consultant, there are 4 simple questions you need to ask. To know more about these questions, read on.

I had some reservations accepting this emerging Marketing trend. Furthermore, I had my business projections squashed by a so-called Digital Marketing expert.

Regardless of this usual ugly experience by some small, middle and large business enterprises, I have realised that every business needs to explore the opportunities offered by Digital Marketing by either engaging a staff or outsourcing.

I have also learnt that the best way to really achieve Organisational Marketing goals is by engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant. Yes, a Consultant.

If you are still wondering why Digital Marketing is necessary for a Successful Nigerian business, see https://wsiaxon.com/5-reasons-digital-media-marketing-works-nigeria/.

Keep reading to understand how you too can overcome this skepticism by asking some simple questions before engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant.

4 Questions To Ask Before Engaging A Digital Marketing Consultant

  1. What is your Organisation’s Marketing objective? This could include Brand Awareness, Brand Positioning, Lead Generation, Increased Revenue Generation, Customer Retargeting, Improved Stakeholder/ Customer Experience, Corporate Identity Development, Sales Improvement. This marketing objective should be decided after an objective SWOT analysis of the business and engaging relevant stakeholders.A good Digital Marketing Consultant will give clear indicators of how you can measure the effectiveness of any Marketing strategy adopted. For result driven strategies adopted by organisations see https://wsiaxon.com/top-6-online-marketing-strategy-business-owners/
  2. What is the strength of this acclaimed Digital Marketing Consultant? You may ask as usual of the Consultant’s list of clients.To probe further you may do a google search on reviews of the Consultant. You can also take a cursory look at the level of Digital Marketing activities on their clients by checking their visibility in different social media platforms, Google and www. spyfu.com
  3. What has the Digital Marketing Consultant Projected to Offer? Most digital marketing agencies proffer solutions to what they feel is the client’s need.I later realised from my ugly experience that some agencies apply the one-size-fits-all approach. Some actually identify client’s flaws using some free tools as www.nibbler.silktide.com. The actual need of the client differs from these assumptions as known by the Consultants.
  4. What Exactly do you need? The best person to engage for your Unique Digital Marketing Experience is the Consultant who adopts what I call a Johari Window assessment of your business.This holistic approach reveals your brand value, negative reviews, identified flaws from Business Audit, competitive advantage, internally decided Marketing Objective, activities of competitors, likely future trends and possible business projections/ advancement.Following this, the best Digital Marketing strategy is proffered which might include Email Marketing, Paid Marketing, Website Redesign, Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Corporate Identity Development and Social Media Management.I certainly will not be in a haste to take a Marketing decision Once bitten, twice shy.


You see that it is not difficult achieving your business Marketing plans. Subsequently, you do not need to waste time and resources on the wrong strategies.

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