Several years ago, I was introduced to a business where I would receive monthly interests on my seed capital. It was an exciting offer with great marketing lessons to share.

A feature of the business is that over time the entire principal sum would be returned.

Not only did I jump at the offer, but I also spread the message to all who cared to listen.

Marketing lessons Ngozi Odukwe

My referral message was simple- Wishes are horses and merchants are riding. Interesting, right? This is my number one of the marketing lessons. To succeed in marketing, be simple, be innovative and do not be boring, right from your content.

I experimented a lot to generate leads and here are my observations. Some traditional marketing techniques are still relevant and support inbound sales. For new products, in particular, there has to be awareness to drive leads via inbound sales. Again, there are still potential customers who are not tech savvy, yet, are in dire need and willing to get your product. The lessons are endless.

One of the best marketing lessons is to listen while prospecting. The more experienced in sales you are, the less your jargon. There is usually the tendency to talk without listening, observing or analysing.

Making the sales presentation interactive is a sure way to understand your prospect’s pain points. It also helps to deduce prospect’s readiness towards making a purchase decision. With this new knowledge, you can now chart a follow-up course depending on client’s stage in the sales funnel.

Marketing lessons Ngozi Odukwe

As usual, there were scepticisms from my prospects. I, however, learned to respond to FAQs effectively thereby converting more leads in my referral campaign. With consistency, a cold lead can turn to a hot lead. With your delay, a hot lead can turn indefinitely cold. This, I added to my marketing lessons cart. Furthermore, response time to enquiries via phone calls, SMS, e-mail and across social channels should conform to acceptable standards.

Regardless of the pleasant and unpleasant lessons, wishes are horses and beggars are riding. The business was good while it lasted.

Investors with a capital of one million Naira and above yielded more profit. However, prospects with ₦50,000 to ₦900,000 principal sum were converted more while those with 7 digits and above came in trickles. So while I focused on the high-profit margin investments, I did not neglect the high volume low margins.

Over time, it cost less time and resources to get more returns. More leads were attracted and converted to my new-found love, the euphoria I now remember with nostalgia.

Had I not taken that business risk, I might not have learned some hard marketing lessons. I took the bad with the good and my message has still not changed: Wishes are horses and merchants are riding. Yes, read on.

One of the hard marketing lessons is that businesses do fail. Several months into the business, my investment collapsed before my very eyes. This taught that every business, just like projects, has attendant risks, if left unmonitored, can bring the business to a halt.

Any organization willing to invest, in digital marketing, for example, must be ready for the risks involved. Here are some tips to reduce the attendant risks of engaging digital marketing consultant for your business.

This first hand “from boom to blast” business experience taught 3 life business lessons. First, to ascertain the veracity of offers and based on my priority, cast my net on the right side. Secondly, to carefully watch out for attendant risks. Thirdly, to constantly improve my ability to make profitable business decisions.

These 3 life lessons guide the solutions I proffer to my digital marketing clients. Experience is the best teacher.

Fast forward to current day, I have positioned myself as a one-stop solution to organizations’ marketing needs. My message has still not changed- Wishes are horses and merchants are riding.

Indeed, digital marketing has come to stay in Nigeria. Quite a good number of organizations have embraced digital marketing and there are some realities. Organizations, however, get the best marketing solutions with digital marketing agency of high repute.

Now, as an organization, if you are using different vendors for your online marketing, media publicity, social-media consultancy, marketing automation, and staff training, you have not learned to optimize cost!

Marketing lessons Ngozi Odukwe

This digital marketing agency’s solutions for lead generation, brand awareness, training, brand management, brand positioning etc are unparalleled. Guess what? Each of these now come with an additional benefit of media publicity.

Yes, your wishes for a one-stop solution to digital marketing, staff training, media publicity and marketing automation needs have come true. Ride on and share your experience. You are just one step away from this one solution multiple benefits offer.

The bottom line is that you do not need to partner with different organizations for infinitesimal results. You only need to partner with a digital marketing agency for definite and infinite results.

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You will realise before long that your business story will start a new chapter. But the summary of the story shall be, that wishes are horses and merchants are riding.

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