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Digital Marketing in 2017

For several years, to work as a Marketer, you had to have a degree in marketing. In most cases, you needed an MSc, followed by other certified studies and programs. However, the explosion of the internet in commerce, finance, business and virtually every other aspect of life has created a stratosphere theming with opportunities, markets and platforms for businesses and brands to increase their marketing efforts without geographical boundaries.


Digital Marketing through its model of individual and mass-messaging approach to marketing, has embedded itself in Marketing. Basic business tools like Email have become channels for Lead generation, Client Services, Inbound Marketing and numerous other elements that make the use of digital platforms endemic to successful marketing.


The increase in the adoption of digital marketing has created a surge in companies who require the services of a professional. Most of these companies are intent on educating the workforce on best practices, refuting bias and misconceptions towards alternate promotional channels that go beyond the traditional ones. Thus, funds committed have to be justified and if possible grown through ROI.

Digital Marketing Courses

  • Digital Marketing Appreciation
  • Search Marketing PRO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Selling Masterclass
  • Strategy Development and Planning
  • Digital Marketing Exclusive

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