Conversion strategies: How to turn prospects into customers

13 May
Conversion strategies: How to turn prospects into customers

The last, but certainly not the least, component of a professional competitor analysis is the conversion strategy applied by your competitors to deliver their messages and to compel their audience to take specific actions.

What are the key calls-to-action (CTA) on their Home page? What other CTA’s are used on the inside pages? How long is the path to conversion? Maybe they request action right in the main Home Page banner?

Typical Calls-To-Action

  • Request a Quote
  • Request a Free Consultation
  • Call us for a Free Estimate
  • Emergency Calls: 24/7 Response
  • Submit
  • Try Risk-Free for 30 days
  • Give a Gift
  • Sponsor Our Noble Cause
  • Join Our Community
  • Talk To Us
  • Let’s Do It!
  • Get a FREE Widget
  • Give it a Try FREE for 60 Days!
  • Be Awesome! Do it!
  • Yes, Take Me There!
  • Subscribe and Stay Informed!
  • Be in the Know – Subscribe Now!
  • Yes, I Want Your Daily Free Tips!


The list of CTA variations is endless. Entire teams of digital marketers constantly test the effectiveness of various CTA versions in connection with other messages on landing pages.

Simple understanding of what messaging and conversion strategy your competitors are applying can become a treasure chest for your own marketing ideas. It can also help determine the research competitors have conducted. Smart marketers learn from each other. Smart marketers watch carefully to see what the other guys are doing and try to do it better. Marketing is all about ongoing testing, but testing can be accelerated through smart research, like a competitor analysis.

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Chukwudi Nwokike

Chukwudi Nwokike has over 10 years experience working with brands from different sectors of the economy such as: E-commerce, ISP, Banking, Finance, Securities, Insurance, Media and Entertainment. With the use of Digital Marketing Strategies, Marketing Technology and highly functional website platforms, he empowers brands to spread the Unique Value Proposition of their Brands on the internet to increase visibility, top-of-mind awareness and generate sales. He works with WSI Axon,one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world with over 1,000 offices in 81 countries. He belongs to the Marketing Technology Group as a Marketing Consultant at Netcore Solutions - With over 50+ Clients in the Nigerian market sending over 300 million+ emails and 1 Billion+ SMS yearly on behalf of their clients.

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