Competitve analysis: Building a report on data that matters

10 May
Competitve analysis to Build report on data that matters

Spying on your competitors online is not a day’s job. A professional competitor analysis gathers and evaluates deep data from search engines, websites, and social media platforms. The detail-rich results are presented in a series of comprehensive charts and graphs that clearly show your competitive landscape on the Internet.

A well-done competitive analysis report gathers data from Websites, Search Engines, Social Networks and Google Online Advertisements.

The question is: What kind of data is relevant to your business for a competitive analysis report.


  • Domain age
  • Domain reputation
  • Web presence/web properties
  • Quality and standards of coding
  • Responsive design to accommodate mobile devices
  • Site speed optimization
  • Development platform
  • Programming errors
  • W3C standard compliance
  • Navigation structure
  • Content quality and depth
  • Content sharing capabilities

Organic Search (SEO)

  • Top ranking keyword phrases
  • Other organic keyword combinations and rankings
  • Long-tail phrases
  • Short-tail phrases
  • Search positioning
  • Search volume
  • Depth of organic visibility
  • Variety of organic rankings
  • Back-link quality and reputation
  • Content depth/number of indexed pages

Note: Google uses over 200 ever-changing ranking factors to decide page rankings. Certain basic principles never change though, and this is what professional SEO campaigns must primarily focus on.

Paid Search (PPC and Re-Marketing)

  • Number of individual PPC campaigns
  • Ad copy per campaign
  • Targeted keyword phrases
  • Search volume
  • Click charges (CPC)
  • Conversion strategies
  • Messages in calls-to-action (CTA)
  • Landing pages and their conversion strategies
  • Conversion topics/offers
  • Re-Marketing setup and coverage

Social Media

  • Social presence
  • Social content positioning
  • Content sharing capabilities
  • Social impact
  • Social visibility
  • Social intensity
  • User participation
  • User engagement
  • Social creativity
  • Social conversion strategies


Now you know the data that matters, start checking it against your competitors. You will be well on your way to unearthing strategic business solutions to improve your business profits.



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