A prospect once sent correspondence on how Do-It-Yourself marketing techniques have suddenly started failing.

At the end of the “rise and fall” business journey story, the client asked for a quick fix to lead generation. Yes, just a quick fix to get back on track.

Upon our discovery sessions with the client, we identified some common marketing mistakes to avoid.

This blog sets to explain why digital marketing will not work for you if you entertain these common marketing mistakes to avoid.

We could have swung to action without the discovery session. Or maybe implemented our solution without analysing results of previous campaigns. Both ways, there would be a disgruntled customer. The prospect asked for a Quick-fix, we implemented a solution.

Are there DIY marketing tools and techniques? Of course, there are. Are they one-size-fits-all? Your guess is as good as mine.

Herein lies the problem. The quick-fixes, the temporary relief, the insistence on old ways rather than the solution and sustainability path. Here lies the thin line between successful and unsuccessful Digital Marketing campaigns.

Let us identify these common marketing mistakes to avoid.

Common marketing mistakes to avoid Ngozi Odukwe wsiaxon.com

Why Digital Marketing Will Not Work for You
1. Launching Campaigns without monitoring trends

It is good to note that digital marketing evolves. The Facebook algorithm story, as well as the Cambridge Analytica leak, had some implications for your business.

Updates are inevitable in the digital marketing sphere. If you are not ready for an updated strategic line of action with consistent efforts, this might not work for you.

2. Churning Unappealing Content

Ever heard that content is king? Do you also know that for every good product or service are several alternatives? Your customers are bombarded with flashy content from your competitors.

Content churned out online must be a mixture of high-quality videos, pictures, and catchy texts. Better still, invest in creative design. Seek attention. Outshine others. Yes, it’s allowed. It is a survival of the fittest trend. Not ready for these yet? Do not bother about digital marketing.

3. The Old-way-the-Only-Way Internal Process Approach

The gate-crashing into organizations, low employee retention juxtaposed to high staffing, plenty of activities with no objectives and the like are simply archaic. Even your customers know the old school and new school.

To address staff related issues, this short article can assist. It’s needless seeking digital marketing solutions if it’s a big deal adopting new methods even from your internal processes.

4. Rusty Marketing Knowledge

A lot of organizations have embraced the digital marketing training opportunities offered. We can help you get better with this awareness piece.

Digital marketing is robust and ever revolving. While training is fundamental, updated knowledge also is paramount. This can be compared to taking the necessary health and safety precautions alongside routine checks with the medical practitioner. Your business health needs a periodic check. Consult a digital marketing agency to stay abreast developments.

Common marketing mistakes to avoid Ngozi Odukwe wsiaxon.com

5. Sales- Centric Organisation

Customers always seek a new experience. This is one of the flaws I identified about my prospect. The organization had a lot of unaddressed negative client reviews.

Being customer-centric is not keeping up with the Joneses, its reality of 2018 businesses. There are definitely other realities of 2018 businesses.

So, it was a worthwhile change management process with my prospect-now-turned-client.

Are you afraid of change? See how your scepticism is addressed.

What next? It is your turn to audit and rid your business of these common marketing mistakes to avoid. It’s never too late to mend.

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