85% of shoppers base their product purchasing decision on the product’s color. Looking for a way to increase the conversion rate on your website? Then, you need to look into using the right colors on your website.

Yes, combining the right colors can boost clicks, subscriptions and make more sales.

Use the right color and you WIN.

In this article, I will explain how to use 5 basic techniques to choose the best color for your website.

5 techniques for choosing the right color for your website.

Our brains are wired to interpret the world around us through the colors we see.  Color brings out certain emotions or feelings when people arrive on your website. Let’s dive into 5 techniques/steps to achieve the best color for your website.

  1. Understand emotions 

The first thing is to familiarize yourself with how colors affect human emotions.

The image below shows how users interpret the call to action button.

These ones show reactions based on your color selection


 2.  Consider your demographics 

Also, think about your demographics. Who are you trying to sell to? What emotions are you trying to stimulate? These are important questions to ask when choosing colors for your website. Colors say a lot about your company. 

3. Consider Gender 

If your company caters to a specific gender, then you need to put into consideration how you choose your color. Studies show that on average, each gender has specific gender preferences.

Here is what I mean:

As you can see, men like blue but dislike orange and brown. 

Also women like blue and brown, but dislike orange.

You need to consider and understand the gender you are communicating to. 

4. Consider Age Group.

According to Joe Hallock’s research, human color preferences can change based on their age group. 

Here are people’s favorite colors, based on their age groups.


In choosing a color for your website, you need to consider the age group of your target audience and select the colors that resonate with that age group

5. Use tools for help.

There are many tools online that can assist you in choosing a color for your website. Tools such as colormind and paletton help you to generate your colors.

These tools provide you an easy and quick way to test out different color combinations to give you a better idea on how they will actually look on your website.

Also, if you need help deciding on a primary color, you can take the quiz from Grasshopper.

It asks questions like “what best describes your customer?”

It’s easy and quick. Just seven questions that can point you in the right direction if you are a little confused on the path to take.

6. Check what your competitors are doing.

You can also learn from your competitors in your industry.  Check three website competitors and look out for patterns in their color schemes.  

You have two choices after this:

  1. Follow their color scheme 
  2. Follow the opposite direction, in order to differentiate your brand from the pack. 


You don’t need to be a great artist, to choose the best color for your website. 

You just need to understand the psychology of color and emotions that various colors crave. 

With a bit of trial and error, playing with colors you will come up with a color that defines your brand.  It will enable you to have a more emotional connection with your visitors, and contribute to a lower bounce rate, more time spent on your website and a higher conversion rate. 

What factors do you consider when choosing a color for your website?

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