How Chatbots are improving the way we engage with customers

02 Apr

When it comes to customer experience, a business can never do too much. In the digital world, marketers understand that the best customer experiences are created through interactive platforms and personalized messages.

Chatbots provide a way for you to do this and more. Just as you automate and personalize your marketing messages, you can now do the same with your customer interactions through the most loved medium of digital communication (Chat Applications). Loyal customers grow businesses and there is no better way to create loyalty than providing a customized experience to every shopper.

Chatbots (also known as virtual assistants) are chat based software that can have a conversation with a human using pre-programmed messages. Advanced bots such as NIVA use artificial intelligence, to understand complex requests, personalize responses, and improve interactions over time.


If you think the end result sounds robotic and impersonal, you are wrong. There are many benefits your business can experience if you implement Chatbots today.

Improved Customer Service Efficiency.


Many organizations invest their time in crafting FAQs but who actually reads them? No customer service personnel likes to be asked the same question 100 times a day. Would it not be better if your customer service personnel talks to people who actually want to buy?

Chatbots can help you:

  • Solve recurring issues or service-related problems
  • Prevent escalations through preventive interactions
  • Help prospects make buying decisions
  • Provide answers to FAQ in a more interactive manner
  • Eliminates the need to bog down human agents with frequently asked questions.

Case Study

According to a case study by NextIT, Amtrak, a North American based transport company uses Chatbots to answer 5 million questions annually.

Key Stats

  • 800% return on investment.
  • Increased bookings by 25%.
  • Saved $1,000,000 in customer service expenses in a single year.
  • Over 5,000,000 questions answered every year.
  • Bookings through chatbots generate 30% more revenue.

Improve your customer experience


Save your customers from cluttered inboxes, long web forms and wasted time spent sifting through your website for information related to their needs.

Moreover, your customers can now interact with chatbots on desktop, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, websites and mobile apps. Chatbots provide a service to your organization which is a combination of marketing communications, customer service and transaction processing.

Instead of interpreting analytics to have an understanding of what your customers want, which can be guess-work;Why not use the insights from customer interactions to improve your business service and provide new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

To get a feel for how chatbots build loyalty, consider the Sephora chatbot on the Kik Messenger app. It asks users questions to determine their characteristics, preferences and interests. The chatbot even provides free consultations. Chatbots help you reach new heights in customer experience with personalized interactive responses to keep your customers satisfied by meeting their specific needs.

Case Study

UBA – Leo Chatbot
Industry: Banking

According to the Managing Director of UBA,

“The formulation of this product is consistent with the bank’s customer first philosophy, where we are doing things not the way we like, but exactly what the customers want, where they want it, and in the exact platform they want.”

About LEO

  • Available inside the web and mobile versions of Facebook Messenger.
  • Pick up conversations where you left off anytime
  • Features
    • Open new account
    • Transaction notifications
    • Check account balance
    • Airtime popup
    • Transfers



While there has been no published results on the effects of the Leo Chatbots, its obvious effect is noticed in the amount of digital conversations around the chatbot. UBA bank users are turning to Leo to make their transactions, recharge airtime and also discuss errors on the platform through digital means. Which means – Customer Experience, Customer Support and Valuable data on user feedback and support related issues.

Supercharge your lead generation and Content Marketing

lead-generation-chatbot-495x400Digital marketing has gone beyond lead generation through web forms. The truth is that the world is faster and your customers need quicker ways to make buying decisions. They need their pre-purchase questions answered immediately.

As chatbots work, they learn details about their users and their questions. This valuable data can be used to create content specific to the needs of your audience. Chatbots can eliminate the guesswork and research in content marketing strategies. You can now build your content around the questions asked by your customers that can not be handled by the chatbot.

For example, the Washington Post chatbot provides top news stories directly to you with customer service capabilities that can create subscriptions and manage accounts.

Case Study.

RapidMiner: replaced all lead capture forms with chatbots
Industry: data science software

Key stats:
4,000 leads generated by chatbots
25% of sales pipeline was influenced by chatbots

Other uses of Chatbots include:

  • A takeaway restaurant allowing customers to order from a chatbot, either in the store or at home.
  • A sit down restaurant allowing customers to order food from their table using a chatbot.
  • A retail store offering promotions for customers in the shopping mall via the chatbot.
  • A marketing campaign that asks customers questions or allows them to play a game using a chatbot.
  • A chatbot that helps customers make ecommerce purchases.
  • A chatbot that answers customer services questions.
  • A chatbot that monitors employees or customer’s satisfaction
  • A chatbot that allows customers to book flights and receive relevant information when they are in the airport.
  • Chatbots with advanced AI provide site visitors with a “self-service” option.

Their infinite capacity helps free up your employees and scale your organization’s efforts. Whether you use chatbots for customer service, sales, or something else, their artificial intelligence ensures that your human resources are only used when they’re needed, and that your organization communicates with the most people possible.


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