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Effective Ways To Create A Sales Funnel To Sell Your Training

After the successful Sales funnel workshop held early this year, we decided to put up a post to let you know all we have put in to make the training success and also share the lesson learned from the training held. It all started from the initial planning and by the WSI team. We set …

10 Marketing Trends Learned from Martech Knowledge Exchange Lagos, 2018

Advertising Duopoly with Google and Facebook. Advertising expenditure in Middle East and Africa is supposed to grow at 10% while Digital Advertising expenditure is going to grow at 30%. There is a major duopoly between Google and Facebook for advertising. However, are they the most popular or the most effective? Marketer’s Approach to Digital Marketing …

Mobile Marketing Strategies for your Nigerian Business

All marketing strategy is a coherent and agreed upon thought process formed with the aim of increased revenue and market share. Broadly speaking, marketing strategies refer to the set of actions designed to meet your business goals. It answers the question of what has to be done and usually contain three important elements: Who your …