Competitive Analysis

12 Oct

Bing Ranking Factors for Nigerian Websites in 2016

Bing Ranking Factors for Nigerian Websites in 2016

  There’s a new Bing update that Nigerian websites and companies need to know about. Mozilla released version 34 of its Firefox browser on the 1st of December 2014. This update ensured that all searches on Mozilla were done through yahoo search engines and guess who runs the algorithm for yahoo

16 Sep

PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) to improve your marketing


Pay-per-click advertising can sometimes be overlooked as the more expensive or less trusted alternative to search engine optimization, but the truth is, the resulting benefits from pay-per-click marketing are more instant and better to find than SEO. Here are five (5) great reasons why a pay-per-click campaign can help you

14 Sep

10 reasons to redesign your Website

The technology is developing at the speed of light, and along with it, web and consumer behavior. Likewise, your company’s website must also evolve. To make sure your website is working well, you need constant development. Sometimes a company’s needs have changed so drastically it’s more sensible to make a

06 Sep

Google Analytics Goal Setting: A Guide For Nigerian Businesses

Google Analytics Goal Setting

Many Nigerian small businesses have no idea how they track their online statistics, most people just track sales, visits, ROI per visit and most just use logic to understand what their metrics in an excel sheet. Here are a couple of things you need to work on when building a