Business Strategy

09 Apr

You Need to Be Collecting the Right Data from Your Customers

There is a lot of talk about optimization, online advertisement, omni-channel marketing experience being spoken about by marketers. There is no doubt that this new adaptive form of marketing is helping businesses increase their ROI on advertising and improve their customer’s experience. However, your business cannot take advantage of this

21 Mar

Leveraging on Customer Data to Improve your Marketing Campaigns

The age of the customer is here. Customer perception can make or break your business. A good feedback would encourage referrals, testimonials, 5 star reviews. However, a poor experience is also spread through the same channels.   Marketing campaigns are costing businesses more money, because it is getting increasingly harder

27 Oct

Top 6 Online Marketing Strategy for Business Owners

It is no news that online marketing plan is essential for every organization that aims at reaching millions of potential customers. Top agencies or companies that are recording growth will no doubt tell you they take online marketing seriously. If you are an entrepreneur and desire to take your business