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Building a Proper Online Marketing Ad Campaign in Nigeria

Building a Proper Online Marketing Ad Campaign in Nigeria

When creating your Ad campaign in Nigeria, it is important to build a proper Ad grid that will ensure you success over the length of your marketing.

The Ad grid ensures that you:


  • Stop creating “one-hit wonder” campaigns across ad platforms.
  • Achieve scale and move prospects through the customer lifecycle journey.
  • Create campaigns with high conversion
  • Systemize your traffic strategy, whether that means outsourcing, or having an internal traffic team
  • Create a congruent route to market message.

Creating a one hit wonder campaigns most times results in a failed campaign, and the times when it’s successful , it usually relies on luck.


One-off campaigns don’t reflect the customer journey

You want to build a relationship with your customer like you would in person. You’re looking to make friends. Does it make sense to immediately ask someone you’re hoping to become friends with for money?


But that’s exactly what some marketers are doing with their ads. They’re putting an ad in front of their target audience and saying, “Hi, nice to meet you! Buy this product! You’ll love it!” But why should someone buy?

They don’t know your brand from Adam. Like all relationships in life, the brand needs to give value first.

And that goes beyond the customer getting ABC product or DEF service.

One-off ads usually have low relevance/quality scores

That means the audience isn’t resonating with the ads. The ad is repelling prospects, they’re not taking the action that you optimized your campaign for, or worse – they’re marking it as spam.

Building a Proper Online Marketing Ad Campaign in Nigeria

Why does this happen?

Because you’re not speaking to the right audience, you don’t have market to message match in your ad copy, or you’re trying to sell to someone before they’re ready. The next time the audience sees an ad from you, they’ll probably cringe and think, “Those guys.”

One-off ads aren’t scalable

In the past, we found ourselves launching campaigns that broke the rules I outlined above.

These campaigns weren’t scalable.

Not that there was anything wrong with these Facebook ads, they were successful in terms of ROI. But, there were only a few ad variations within them. And they didn’t always work. We found 80% of these ads failed, especially on Facebook. That’s the nature of traffic.

Sometimes you swing and miss.

If you’re only setting one or 2 ads, and you’re only testing one or 2 audiences, you’re essentially putting all of our eggs in one basket. And, we realized that’s what we were doing. We weren’t giving ourselves the ability to scale campaigns in the way we needed to grow our business. We were limiting ourselves.

One-off ad campaigns typically don’t have market to message match

Building a Proper Online Marketing Ad Campaign in Nigeria

That means the ad is TOO BROAD

Ads that don’t have market to message match are essentially talking to a large group of people and offering them a one-size-fits-all package/solution.

For the ad to be successful, it needs to have a specific offer that speaks to a specific group of people. So how do you keep from making these mistakes? You deploy the Ad Grid.

The Ad Grid Process

The Ad Grid will help create a honed in marketing strategy, so you can stop wasting time and money. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re going to create an Ad Grid for every offer you roll out.

When you create an Ad Grid, focus on the “offer” that’s the entry point for the funnel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the funnel, ask yourself:

  • Is the customer AWARE there’s a problem? Are they AWARE of you, and the solution you offer to the problem?
  • Are they EVALUATING if they should fix their problem, or just leave it be? Is the customer EVALUATING you and your competitors? Are they EVALUATING what product or service to buy?
  • Has the customer CONVERTED and bought from you? How do you get them to CONVERT again and more frequently?
  1. Knowing where your customer enters the funnel will give you a better understanding of how to target them. Should you target them with a blog post?
  2. Lead Magnet?
  3. A low-dollar offer?

The Ad Grid Steps

Let’s get right into the steps so you can start putting this to work in your traffic campaigns!

Before you create or market another offer — go through this exercise.

Ask yourself these 8 questions…

  • What does your prospect HAVE in the “Before” state? What does your prospect HAVE in the “After” state?
  • How does your prospect FEEL in the “Before” state? How does your prospect FEEL in the “After” state?
  • What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “Before” state? What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “After” state?
  • What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “Before” state? What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “After” state?

Building a Proper Online Marketing Ad Campaign



Average marketers only articulate what a customer will HAVE if they purchase their product or service. Great marketers speak to how a customer will FEEL, how their AVERAGE DAY will change and how their STATUS will elevate.

With this simple 8-Question “Before/After” Grid, any half decent copywriter will be able to create a marketing message that will have an impact.

The marketing copy writes itself now that you are clear on the “Before” and “After”…

  • “Bath time with your newborn doesn’t have to be a scary, frustrating experience.”
  • “Say goodbye to bath time stress. You’ll actually enjoy bathing baby with this safe, comfortable bath tub.”
  • “You’ll feel like Mother of the Year as your baby plays and bathes in the safety of this warm, soft bath tub.”

Do you see how this copy clearly articulates how the product will move mom from a “Before” state of stress and unhappiness to to an “After” state of joy and happiness with baby?

It’s powerful stuff.

But understanding how you will transform your prospect from a “Before” state to a desired “After” state also impact.


How much you can charge

What is the distance between the “Before” and desired “After” state?

That distance is called VALUE.


Want to charge more for your products and services?

Simple — create a greater distance between the “Before” and desired “After” state by either:

  • Creating a better product or service (better offer)
  • Articulating the movement from “Before” to “After” differently or more clearly (better marketing.)

When rolling out a new offer, starting a new company or moving into a new market — keep it simple.

Get clear on your “Before” and “After.”

If you’re not able to clearly articulate how you can take your prospect from the “Before” state to a desired “After” state — you may have an issue with Product/Market Fit.

There may be nothing more important than Product/Market Fit, simply because every other part of the process is dependent upon having a group of willing and able buyers.

To create an Ad grid for your company and achieve your marketing objectives, fill the form below and one of our consultants will speak with you soon.



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