Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies

22 Jun
Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies

Brand management in Nigerian insurance companies and across the world is very essential towards a company’s development and its execution can tie into the success or failure of a business venture.

When you have a proper brand management strategy your level of commitment assures your clients, consumers, stakeholders and anyone else that your business is trustworthy and they can do business with you.

With the growth of the internet in Nigeria it is important that we pay attention to online brand management which simply put, is monitoring and guiding the way your brand is viewed online.

This includes monitoring public perception, social media coverage,  article, blog publication from other sources about keywords such as insurance and more importantly discussions about your insurance brand, search engine results, forum publications and anywhere you can find online conversations about your brand.

Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies

A study by the market research firm Ipsos found that 78% of consumers are influenced by online research, which means that approximately 78% of people right now are influenced by what they are seeing online about your brand and are making valid decisions concerning your brand because of this information.

That’s why it’s important to control as much as possible the information they get to view and read about your company online and that’s the power of online brand management. By managing your online brand, you can leave a positive lasting impression on your prospects and drive brand growth and customer reach.

Here are five tips to manage your online brand management

Creating consistent brand guidelines

Not having a consistent theme across your online activities will negatively impact your brand and will absolutely make your brand to lose top of mind in the minds of your customers. Inconsistency makes your brand forgettable.

You don’t want your social media pages to be have a central theme on health insurance and your website is talking about other services, consistency is important to build trust and comfort with your audience.

Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies

Every single Page, blog post, twitter post and Facebook post and all the pages to have a central theme for your brand guidelines and before you develop these pages you have to put all of this into consideration.

Clear brand guidelines reinforce your company’s themes and identity, allowing you to voice what sets you apart from your competition. Define guidelines regarding messaging, design elements, fonts, colors, logos, imagery, etc. when developing and enforcing your brand.

Let brand representatives be Educated on brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are imperative for strengthening your brand, but they go nowhere unless utilized. That means that anyone representing your brand, from employees to contractors, needs access to the most up-to-date version of this guide for consistency.

Documentation is very important in building a brand structure, the strategy behind the brand guidelines have to be documented and communicated to the people who are to implement this guidelines in various departments of your company.

Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies

It goes beyond direct customer interaction; every employee must realize that even their social networks have a huge impact on the brand, and they must be mindful about how the company brand is represented across all social channels.

Online brand measurement

Social media, forums, articles and all sorts of other online discussion venues – your brand can become the topic of conversation in many different places. What’s being said about your brand? More importantly, how is it affecting your reputation?

By digging up where your brand is being discussed, you’ll be able to monitor your company’s online mentions. In addition, it’s a good idea to find sites related to your industry and target audience, then establish a presence in the discussion.

Finally, it never hurts to peek in on the competition to see how they are handling their online brand and what is working (or not working) for them.

Do a complete local web analysis of your competitor’s website and see the social media analysis of your competitors website, click here to do a complete web analysis.

Respond to discussions about your brand

Once you find where your people are discussing your brand, it’s time to join in. The goal is to positively interact to comments and questions while constructively responding to criticism.

Don’t delete comments even though they are negative about your brand, this makes you appear a lot more open and you can respond to negative comments and spin them in your favour. But spams should not be allowed on your page.

Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies

Negative feedback can turn into something positive if you demonstrate that your team is willing to promptly respond and make it right for the customer.

Quality service reflects well on your online brand, and you’ll find that making that extra effort can often smooth over any bumps in the road.

In addition, actively contribute to the community by leading discussions about trends, challenges and solutions, thus showing that your brand offers both thought leadership and customer care.

Use online brand management tools.

The starting point for the previous points begin with using the right tools to manage your brand. Google Alerts is an amazing tool to keep up with keywords relevant to your industry as well as monitor what people are saying about your brand.

You can set up an alert for insurance companies in Nigeria as a keyword and another for your company name, so anytime your company is mentioned on the web, you are sent an email or alerted via RSS depending on the output you choose.

Brand management solutions for Nigerian insurance companies


In addition, specialized applications such as Hootsuite, buffer, zapier and twiiterfeed provide various monitoring tools across social media to track brand mentions and analyze social media traffic.

Finally, a digital marketing team like WSI Axon will ensure optimization of all online marketing channels, improving consistency with branding and messaging across your marketing, sales, customer service and PR teams.



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