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Brand awareness and SEO practices for insurance corporations

Brand awareness and SEO practices for insurance corporations

You know the possibility of someone buying from you without knowing you exist, absolutely ZERO.

Before any marketing initiative the first thing to consider is brand awareness, and if the end goal is to increase sales and conversions through long-term brand loyalty, you must first start by creating that initial awareness and exposure.

There’s a lot of noise out there especially in the insurance industry, lots of insurance companies competing for the same customers and the consumer has to contend with all the noise coming from the various brands from all angles and he has to make a valid decision on who to go with.

In a recent SEMrush Twitter Chat participants were asked; “what actions has made the biggest impact on your online brand awareness”.

There were a lot of great answers and replies but what really stood out from the crowd was search visibility.

The ability of people with a deep need to get on a platform and search for you is priceless. Search is like a drug that people are addicted to. They can’t do without it.

Right now at this particular moment thousands of people are searching for insurance related solutions to the deep problems they are having.

The truth is no one can see the future and insurance gives the ability to tap into that future and control an aspect of it that you can, so it protects you from unforeseen circumstances and people right now are searching for such solutions, asking questions and trying to figure out what they can do to protect themselves from the risks they can’t control.

Reasons why your insurance company needs top of mind brand awareness and awesome SEO

Currently there are over 2400 individuals searching for insurance, 390 individuals search monthly for insurance companies.

Brand awareness and SEO practices for insurance corporations

An insurance company without an online presence and a website that is optimized for attracting the right kind of leads will have no chance of tapping into these gold mine market.

The reason your company misses out isn’t because your services didn’t match the prospect’s need or your insurance company can’t handle the client’s business, you missed out on the customer because you were practically blind to those 2400 people searching monthly.

Without an online presence, you are not even in the fight, the first step to online brand awareness is to get a proper online presence. You need a professional website, designed and optimized to gather as many leads as possible and have a positive impact on your return on investment.

Analyses of your competition.

To beat your competition you need to analyze them completely, to figure what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

We can do this by just doing a simple google search on a hot keyword and looking at the top search engine result pages of that keyword.

For an analysis of an hot insurance keyword like “insurance services in uk” find below competitor’s analysis:

Brand awareness and SEO practices for insurance corporations

Endeavour Insurance Services Limited appeared first, so let’s head over to their landing page/website.

Brand awareness and SEO practices for insurance corporations

Although they are first on google as a result of good SEO their website is not optimized to trap leads, people come into their website and are interested in signing up for their service or at least speak with a consultant but there is nothing that encourages that on their website.

Cigna Insurance Services are second on google position but they’ve got right if you look at the image below, they’ve got it right with the lead capture form they put at the bottom right corner of the page. People when coming into your website should be able to have continuous communication with you.

Brand awareness and SEO practices for insurance corporations

This is just an aspect of the analysis, you can do a complete WSI Webscan of their website, to know their strengths and weaknesses on various fonts, to do that, click here

And there are so many more things you can analyze your competition before you even begin developing or optimizing your digital efforts.

Tap into the opportunity

Are you beginning to see the possibility of the market potential, if you don’t get it yet, don’t worry we are going to break it down and dissect it properly until you see the massive potential and value hidden in search visibility?

Let’s take the search term; “Insurance” which we saw above has about 2400 searches per month

Industry analysis says that at least 33% of those monthly searches go to first position, 10.05% goes to second position and 7.22% goes to third position.

If you came up first for that keyword, that’s about 800 people visiting your website every month for free, just because of smart SEO and optimization.

If 20% of people who visit your website convert into leads and sign-up to your leads form, that’s 160 people you have access to the market to for a lifetime with phone numbers, name and email addresses.

What’s the lifetime value of your customer? having this kind of leads come in free is priceless.

The value of having an online presence is even more priceless, the competition in the insurance industry is tough and the noise is incredible, in other to stand out you need smart marketing, awesome SEO and an incredible team backing you up to execute the right strategy.

That’s why at WSI Axon we take our time to work with you no matter the industry to understand your business needs and translate that into implementable strategies that drive optimal results, we are excellent at what we do, and we need to be handling your digital marketing campaign. Click the button below to contact us and speak with a WSI certified digital marketing expert.


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