Imagine the possibility of increasing traffic without spending a dime on online marketing. 2017 is going to be a very competitive year for those trying to rank online, it’s important you have all the strategies to excellently carry out your activities.

Well here are a couple of tactics that can ensure you’re ranking and doing excellently well online.

Rank for Long tail keywords

Ranking for terms like “banking” and “haulage” would be excellent, but the truth is these keywords are highly competitive and are extremely difficult to rank for.

On the other hand, long tail keywords are much less competitive, and they will drive the majority of your traffic.

Ranking for long tail keywords is the secret to google’s ranking game, most sites target long tail keywords they can rank for and stick to it.

How to rank for long tail keywords

Head over to your google webmaster analytics:

Boosting Your Web Traffic in Nigeria in 2017

Boosting Your Web Traffic in Nigeria in 2017

Right now, take the top query phrases and do a search on google for these keywords.

Next, scroll down to the end of the searches and include the search terms into your blog post.

Boosting Your Web Traffic in Nigeria in 2017

These are phrases that Google sees as relevant to a term you already rank for. And the head term is much harder to rank for than those long tail terms.

So if you blend some of those long tail phrases into the page that already ranks for the relevant head term, you’ll start getting more search traffic.

All I am doing is sprinkling in the phrases that make sense, two or three times within the page.


You don’t have to know a lot about online marketing to generate traffic or sales. Simple things like adjusting the keywords within your content or tweaking the titles of your blog posts can increase your traffic.

If you are going to use the tactic above, don’t adjust your title tag too much unless you are trying to optimize your click-through rates. Instead, focus your efforts on optimizing the keywords within your content. By adding long tail phrases, you’ll generate more search traffic.

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