Blogging tactics that every nigerian real estate realtor should know

18 Jul
Blogging tactics that every nigerian real estate realtor should know

People are becoming aware of their future purchase in real estate online more these days, it’s the primary means home-owners use when looking for a new home or office space.

Content marketing and social media posting as given everyone the opportunity to be seen as an expert, with a simple youtube video or article, you can communicate so much to home-owners who are looking for their next real estate purchase.

In 2013, 90 percent of home buyers did research online before choosing to buy their homes. Additionally,76 percent of home buyers actually drove by homes that they found on the Internet.

Now that other real estate agents and agencies are catching up to the flow of the internet and online marketing, the ability to differentiate yourself has never had more importance, so the questions is; How do you stand out from all the other real estate firms in your area?

Blogging tips for the real estate industry:

Blogging for Real Estate Blogs

Real estate blogging when done right can be a very powerful tool to be seen as an expert and outrank your competitors.

Blogging tactics that every nigerian real estate realtor should know

The first step when blogging is to decide what to write. We always encourage people to craft their messages around what people are searching for. How do you know what people are searching for? very simple, use a keyword planner, below is a screenshot for real estate searches within Nigeria.


Blogging tactics that every nigerian real estate realtor should know

Your blog will help you set yourself apart from the other real estate agents in your area who aren’t taking their online efforts seriously. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining a successful real estate blog:

  • Post on topics that your prospects will care about. Answer commonly-asked questions. Give updates on the community. Spotlight local businesses. Educate your readers on your city.
  • Write in a friendly, casual tone. Don’t be too wordy. Your blog isn’t the place to show your reader how brilliant you are. It’s where you will provide as much value as possible.
  • Do not use your blog to promote your services or try to sell yourself. There are other places on your website for that.
  • Try to make sure that your brand’s message comes through in each blog post you create.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also another way to build some authority and influence and share content on other blogs. It’s also builds massive exposure and lets potential clients know you are an expert within your field.

Blogging tactics that every nigerian real estate realtor should know

Simply do a google search for blogs within your profession and begin interacting with those within your community, and start conversing with them for the opportunity to guest post/write for them.

Not only does guest posting give you a platform to showcase your expertise, it can also increase your blog traffic and provide useful backlinks. This is great for your readership and SEO. Try to do as many guest blog postings as you can.

Unique Content

When writing a real estate blog, do not shy away from the basics that are common on any blog of this style, including information about the city’s market, tips for homeowners planning to list their homes and the benefits of hiring a real estate agent. At the same time, offer unique content that your readers won’t get elsewhere.

Feature occasional guest posts from people in the mortgage, home staging and home inspection industries, for example. If you’re comfortable with using videos, shoot short videos to accompany some of your posts.

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