Blogging is an incredible way for your company to generate organic traffic back to your website, by ensuring that people are coming to your website to engage with your content.

We understand that blogging takes a lot of work, and if you’re going to excel in blogging, you need to do it the right way.

In this blog post, I’m going to share various ways by which you can grow your blog traffic and increase engagement within your website.

Use simple language:

My mom was trying to build a website with a domain she had bought a couple years back. I asked her for a “cpanel access”, she looked at me like I just spoke Jamaican Patua.  I had to repeat and ask her for all logins her web developer sent to her.

When communicating in your blog posts, you have to be careful against using complex words, although they make you sound unprofessional and expert class, they lack in enhancing communication and understanding among your readers.

Blogging strategies to improve your blog

Have you ever noticed that within popular blogs there’s a part of their communication that is common across popular blogs, which is they usually use language that is simple.

These blogs are very simple to read and they communicate with you in a way that speaks directly with your needs and emotions.

Most popular blogs are written with 5 year old vocabulary. The idea behind using simple words isn’t to sound unprofessional or to be averse towards having an expert tone within your blog, but it’s to ensure that your content is understood by the majority of your audience.

There’s no point building content around complex and big words especially when no one understands what they are reading from your website. When building your content ensure that you keep it simple stupid, create content that is people can understand and promote themselves.

Use the word “You”

if you go through this blog post, you would notice a lot of “you” rather than “we”.

Really great blog posts sound like they were written just for you. Do you know why that is? It’s because the writer probably used the word “you” instead of “we” or “them.”

Blogging strategies to improve your blog

When I write like this, what I’m doing is trying to make you feel like it’s just you and me, as if we were sitting down at a café for a cup of coffee.

Yes, my blog has thousands of readers, but my posts come across much more personal when I pretend like I’m just writing for one person.

A neat trick to help you do this is to think of somebody you know and write your blog post as if you are writing it just for them. I know some writers who even keep a picture of a person above their screens to remind them that they are writing for just one person.

Keep the conversation going

Have you ever been on a date where it’s just one sided, and the other person is blabbing about his/her career and how he’s such a big shot and how she got her scholarship at a very young age, and you’re like, hello? i’ve also got some interesting things to talk about.

Blogging strategies to improve your blog

Who knows what i’m talking about, say “Yep, been there”.

It;s also the same kind of slow drag when you create blog posts that are very one sided and don’t allow for the continuation of the conversation. A good way to curb this habit is to have a very lively comment section or CTA that draws people to leave an email or contact.


I’m sure this few tips have given you an idea on how to improve your blog and appeal to the right people with the right content. I look forward to hearing from you and what you think about this article, contact us below.


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