Advertising Duopoly with Google and Facebook.

Advertising expenditure in Middle East and Africa is supposed to grow at 10% while Digital Advertising expenditure is going to grow at 30%. There is a major duopoly between Google and Facebook for advertising. However, are they the most popular or the most effective?


Marketer’s Approach to Digital Marketing

The organizational focus on digital marketing is mainly on customer acquisitions. However, the area of Conversion Rate Optimization and Maximized customer lifetime value is being ignored. Is this the best approach considering that it is 25X more expensive to acquire a new customer than to cross-sell/upsell to an existing customer.


The Use of Accretion Marketing

Accretion marketing is a market strategy focused on your clients/customers. It works by building and capturing your customer’s data when they interact with your brand in different channels. When the customer’s digital handles are captured, marketing messages can be distributed across multiple channels to the user.


Marketing Has Evolved

Rapidly changing in North America, slower in Middle East and Africa (However, the path is the same with different timelines)


What are the most effective channels?

It depends on the user. With many touchpoints available for a user to a brand, it is important that brands embrace cross-channel marketing communications.


Businesses Need A Cross-Channel Marketing Automation Solution.

A full-stack cross-channel marketing automation solution will help brands to communicate to customers at the different touch points. In addition, it will provide a unified view of the customer across channels for deeper business insights. Delivering exceptional customer experience by delivering the right content, to the right person at the right time on the right channel.


Marketing Automation Technology Leads to Personalization:

Use Cases of personalization in cross-channel marketing:

  • Personalized emails sent to web user after browser search.
  • Sticky bar based on time spent on a specific web page
  • Personalized exit-intent offer web messages.
  • Mobile push notifications based on category browsed by a user.
  • Audience targeting for email and mobile numbers through Facebook


use-case 3






Challenges faced by Businesses using a Marketing automation Stack

MAS Challenges


Industry Use-Cases of Effective Marketing Automation.





Example-2 use case


Businesses in Nigeria are already reaping the benefits of Marketing Automation.

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