9 Secrets to increasing Your Email Marketing Engagement Today

25 Mar

Arguably the most important statistic for an email marketing campaign is the open rate (OR). Why? If your email is never opened, it is never seen; meaning your message is limited to the content of the subject line.


The second most important statistic is the click rate. Why is the click rate so important?

  • source of traffic to your official website
  • Indicates engagement of people who have decided to open your email.
  • Used my Mail service providers (Google, Yahoo, bing) to determine inbox placement.

Let us go through ways you can increase your email open rate and click rate:


Tip 1 – Spend Time with Subject Lines and Snippets

Mobile Subject Line and Snippet

Mobile Subject Line and Snippet




Desktop Subject Line and Snippet

Desktop Subject Line and Snippet

The effort required to  achieve this is mostly lost in marketing campaigns. The Sender Name, Subject line and Snippets would be the most determining factor for your Open Rate. Remember that if your email is never opened, it was never seen so it might as well have not been sent. Here are some tips to improve:

  • Use of Smileys and Emojis
  • Name personalization in email message.
  • Embed your snippet text at the top of the email in the same colour as the background. This means the snippet shows on the email client and it does not distort the design when the email template is
    opened. Snippets should encourage opens and should be related to the subject line.
    Personalization is also recommended in Snippets as well.


Tip 2 – Warning: Images Would Not Load


While images unquestionably produce a visual compelling result, always remember that a good amount of your subscribers inboxes do not load images by default. In addition to images, your email content should have a clickable image, clickable title text, little description that is highly attractive and a call-to- action buttons.

While you should not discard images totally, ensure you do not embed critical information of your email content in images. Always use alt and title text behind images to ensure that there is still copy appearing even when your images do not load.

Tip 3 – The Use of HTML Elements


Email templates have gone past the use of only text, or only images or static blocks of content. You can now use GIFs in your email templates. With the use of smartly laid overlapping CSS styles you can create an interactive email template that is both eye-catching and responsive on multiple devices.


Tip 4 – Use of Image and Text

Always ensure that your email templates have a desired image-to- text ratio. The desired ratios for text to images in area of the mail is 80%-20%.

  • Why is this so important?
  • Image only emails might go to SPAM
  • Images may be turned off by viewers
  • Images may take more time to load
  • Images account for a large percentage of the kilobyte size of your email template
  • Emails without a balanced text-image ratio won’t allow the users to search for it after a
    certain period.


Tip 5 – Call to Action

Your call-to-action buttons are the strongest indication of interest and creates a valuable lead for your business. Here are some tips for call-to-action on email templates.

  • CTA text should be descriptive eg Know More, Learn More, Buy Now, Redeem Offer, Book Now
  • Always ensure that you call to action buttons are a contrasting colour and very prominent to encourage clicks. If possible brand guidelines would have to be bypassed to ensure this is achieved.
  • Always use CTAs at the top of the fold on the email creative.
  • Avoid using images for your call to action buttons as images would not load.

Tip 6 – Use Your Email Templates to Cross-Sell and Upsell

It is important to understand that while your email template is used to periodically remind your subscribers about your content, you should take advantage of it by putting adverts in your email templates.

Ensure there is at least one advert in your email template either for an upcoming event, a new initiative or a product or service that you offer.

Tip 7 – Branding Your Email Template

Branding tips for your email template include:

  • Ensuring your email templates meet the brand guidelines of the broadcasting
  • The email template should be certified by the Brand Manager of the organization before
  • Ensure that your logo and brand colours are used in the email templates.
  • Maintain a similarity and your email templates and your existing website where possible
    to improve user experience.


Tip 8 – Multi-Display Viewing (Mobile Responsiveness)

Most Especially in Nigeria, emails are mostly viewed from mobile phones. Here are some tips to ensure that you create a similar experience on different devices with your email templates:

  • Ensure your email templates are no more than 600-800px in width.
  • Test your email template on tablets, phones and laptops before it is sent out.
  • Test your Template on Different Email Clients: Make sure you test your email template on
    different devices as well as different email clients to ensure cross-compatibility


Tip 9 – The Unsubscribe Link Should be Easily Accessible.

The dreaded unsubscribe link whilst not a positive outcome is important to the future of your email marketing campaigns.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, the risk of making it difficult for users to find a way to
unsubscribe from your email is that they will instead mark your email as spam. This will impact
your sender reputation and deliverability in the future for all your email subscribers.

If you make it easy for users to unsubscribe, they will not hit the SPAM button which is easier to find as well.

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