50+ Best Email Subject Headlines Collection

28 Mar

Email Headlines are very important for your email to get noticed.

I’ve learned a thing or two about writing email subject lines that get opened.

And my best 50+ email subject lines are all yours in just a bit.

But first let’s look at the 7 elements that make these email subject headlines successful:

Self Interest

The most straight forward and clear method for writing an email subject line is to communicate how opening the email will benefit the reader.

How will the content of your email get them something they want?

Or, how will it protect them against something they don’t want?



You can pull great open rates by communicating that your email contains something that is new to the reader.



A well-crafted curiosity based email subject line will often get outstanding open rates. That said, a curiosity based email subject line will often fail miserably if used alone. Where possible, combine one of these other elements (particularly News or Self Interest) with curiosity.

Social Proof

People make decisions, in part, by observing the decisions other people have made. Effective email subject lines often provide proof that other people have made the choice you would like your reader to make. Have an impressive number of people already made the choice you’d like your reader to make?



A powerful element to add to any email subject line is a legitimate reason to act NOW.

The best way to move someone to action is to communicate that the resource you’re promising in the email is finite in some way.

Can you use, for example, deadlines, limited quantities or seating limitations to communicate urgency or scarcity in your email subject line?



An email subject line that tells the beginning of a story can be effective. The subject line will need to create curiosity to get opened.

How can your email be wrapped in a story?



In the end… people do business with people. Remember to mix some humanity in with your promotional and content email.

How can you connect person to person with your reader?


Here are the the 50+ Email Headline templates that work:

  1. Here is a Method That is Helping [world class example] to [blank]
  2. [blank] Hacking With [world class example]
  3. Savvy|Smart|Sexy People Do XYZ
  4. Why I [blank] (And Maybe You Should Too)
  5. [Do something] like [world-class example]
  6. The [desired result] That [world class example] Is Talking About
  7. Join [impressive number] of Your Peers that [take desired action]
  8. [desired result] Like A [desired group or person]
  9. How [impressive number] Got [desired result] in [time period]
  10. Like [world class example] You Can [desired result]
  11. [world class example] Reveals Ways To [desired result] Why [impressive number] of People are [taking desired action]
  12. A Simple Way To [desired result] That Works For [desired group/person]
  13. How to [desired result] Like [world class example]
  14. Do You Recognize the [number] Early Warning Signs of [blank]?
  15. If You Don’t [blank] Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  16. I’ve Lied to You for [time period] Now
  17. The Biggest Lie In [your industry]
  18. X Shocking Mistakes Killing Your [blank]
  19. Don’t Try [blank] Without [desired action] First
  20. [blank] May Be Dangerous To [something precious]
  21. [blank] May Be Causing You To Lose Out On [desired result]
  22. At Last, The Secret To [desired result] Is Revealed
  23. The [blank] Risk Hiding In Your [blank]
  24. Why you shouldn’t [do what I desire them to do]
  25. Why [blank] Fails and [blank] Succeeds
  26. Do Not Try Another [blank] Until You [take desired action]
  27. The Ugly Truth About [blank]
  28. What Your [blank] Won’t Tell You And How It Can Save You [blank]
  29. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]
  30. Your [blank] Doesn’t Want You To Read This [blank]
  31. The Sooner You Know [blank] The Better
  32. Where [desired result] Is And How To Get It
  33. Discover The [desired result] Secret
  34. [blank] Your Way To A [desired result] You
  35. To People That Want To [desired result] But Can’t Get Started
  36. You, a [desired result]
  37. Stop [undesired result]
  38. You Too Can [desired result] in [time period] with [blank]
  39. How To Become [desired result] When You [something challenging]
  40. There’s Big [desired result] In [blank]
  41. You Don’t Have to Be [something challenging] to be [desired result]
  42. Little Known Ways to [blank]
  43. How to turn [blank] into [desired result]
  44. How To Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of
  45. Get [desired result] Without [undesired result]
  46.  Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All
  47. Improve/Increase Your [desired result] In [time period]
  48. Imagine [desired result] And Loving Every Minute Of It
  49. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
  50. Get [desired result] Without Losing [blank]
  51. The Lazy [blank’s] Way to [desired result]
  52. How To Make People Line Up And Beg To [blank]
  53. How To Get [desired result] Out Of [blank]

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