Digital Media Marketing is not a new trend, nor a strange term for Nigerian Businesses, it’s a solution that can no longer be ignored.


Every Nigerian is looking for ways to make life simpler and better… Some even call it Change.

It’s a dash for a better life and it’s this longing for comfort and simplicity that leads him to search for better and easier ways to solve his/her needs

Why go to the mall, when I can order my groceries from my phone? Why visit the local store, when I can get my phone recharged quickly on

The world transacts on the world wide web and a business that doesn’t have a digital media marketing strategy for catering to the needs of its customers, is a Nigerian business heading for a downward cliff. In this century, business is not just done offline but also transacted online and digital media marketing has what it takes to deliver.

With this new sensitization to the internet and influx of potential customers fulfilling their needs online, it has created the gap and opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services via e-marketing, also known as digital media marketing.

So why should you have a digital media marketing strategy?

We know that the older generation are still getting used to Facebook, Instagram and nairaland. But for the newer generation, these guys, they fit right in.

Nigerian youths are considered to be the most tech-savvy among their peers.

Digital marketing is becoming the most convenient way to reach your target market, it is comfortable and fast in its approach towards connecting with your buyers.

Here are 5 reasons why digital media marketing works


There are a lot of free tools you can use to spread the word about your products/service, social media tools such as twitter, facebook, Instagram, nairaland, snapchat, google+ are just some of the few channels to broadcast your message and reach your potential audience.

5 Reasons why digital media marketing works in Nigeria

Managing social profiles and posting regularly can organically increase your followership and lead to you gaining influence in your market space.

There are also forums you can partner with to share information about your product, but whatever your posts in these forums have to be products and services that are relevant to the members.

Also when running a paid campaign, you can choose to run campaigns based on various cost options that are tailored to your needs, such as cost per click, cost per impression etc. depending on what your objectives for the campaign are. These campaigns can be paused and stopped anytime if they are non-performing and the costs are incurred on a variable cost rather than fixed nature.


Thanks to analytics and link tracking, every dollar spent on a digital marketing campaign can be traced back to the actual spend/activity. With analytical software such as google analytics, you can trace every sale to the campaign that is being run, and you can deduce which of your campaigns are running effectively and which are not leading to any sales or productivity

5 Reasons why digital media marketing works in Nigeria

You can also track every link, every post, every article, its publisher, and so much more.

Digital marketing also helps to synchronize and symphonize your information in such a way that helps you to make a valid decision, such decisions are only effective only when you can trace each activity back to its source.

Comparative analysis

Customers want to have a comparative analysis of the prices and benefits of all the products available in the market. The digital market offers them a platform to review all the aspects associated with a product.


In this tech-savvy era, the information available online is widely accepted by the customers in comparison to the physically available information. Because Nigerians have the opportunity to request for more information right there on the web, they can view total product packages and service offerings via the company website.

Wider audience

The coverage of digital marketing is much more than that of the physical media as the internet is now the new tool for every type of communication. It is a lot much easier to sit back and communicate over a technology-driven device. Nigerians want comfort and ease, and if you are going to reach them, you need to have your A game digital media marketing strategy.

5 Reasons why digital media marketing works in Nigeria

Apart from all these 5 reasons, the rising technology of digital media marketing has given birth to many career opportunities to the aspiring Nigerian youths. Today we have Nigerian social media marketers, digital marketing consultants, PPC experts, influencers and digital entrepreneurs who have benefited from digital media marketing.

Digital marketing has made our lives simpler and offered us a great life, everything we want right in front of us virtually.

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